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Justin Ford (Resistance-is-futile)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continental
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
What a great turn out for a 1E tournament, 30 people and 28 finishing! Saw lots of great competition out there and knew it was going to be a fun day.

Round 1Earned ByeEB (+100)
Earned by from our Seattle-Ferenginar regional which I played my insurrection deck. Came in 4th but managed the bye with everyone else already receiving one.

Round 2Chris CastagnettoFL (-76)
This game, holy moses, we both started kind of slow, then Chris came over and attacked some stopped bajorans at bajor(not realizing he just attacked a HQ). I then was able to activate Defend Homeworld for basically 95% of my deck. Then I went solving on my next few turns, hit a couple snags and on the last mission I did not send 2 ships I instead only sent 1. I think I got a little bit over zealous with the result of defend homeworld and strategies caught me off guard. Very close game in deed, in the end we were both fighting each other off and waiting for 1 skill. Chris managed to get his first for the win. What a great game, and hats off to Chris for #1 VPs for Continentals.

Round 3RomulanCarl BlackfordFL (-30)
This game started out fairly good for me, I went attempting on turn 1 to see what was under bajor and insurrection. I was at my last mission for the win, and again only took 1 ship with everyone on it and the last dilemma just happened to be Cytherians. Not realizing he has a QTF out, I STP'd the ship to hand and now had 20+ cards in hand. He then pitches QTF and drops a scorched hand. After that I could not draw or able to DL a ship for the rest of the game even after Isomagging to bring ships and personnel back to the deck. Carl held out and snuck in the last mission for the win. Another close game, mind you, was nail biting to the end.

Round 4TerranMichael MoskopFW (+76)View opponent's Report
What a refresh to see someone playing with Mirror Universe/Crossover. Mirror is not played often enough and should be seen more. We both had a bit of a slow start, then when I started drawing from resistance cell things were picking up nicely. I did manage just 2 missions for the win. I saw my dead end on me come out at bajor, but I was expecting either dead end at Bajor or Insurrection. I switched gears quickly and headed to insurrection, completed it for exactly 50 points. At which my only ship was the Jovis, so I popped QTF on myself for a ITZ to double shields and range which ultimately saved my bacon. Michael comes out of mirror with ships in hand and attacks the jovis, but thanks to ITZ with a freighter having 12 shields it is not destroyed. I was able to draw into a second sona battle ship the following turn to swap out and just drag the damaged jovis because it still had double range. Hit the space mission for exactly 50 points after I drew into medical (took bout 5 turns) for the win. Another great game, with a great deck that does not see many tournaments, nicely executed Michael.

Round 5Herman ChanFL (-38)
This is almost like playing my Insurrection deck against myself. This game started out bad and went to worse. Opening hand no personnel, no ship. I had to masaka my whole hand with no plays turn 1. Even still all personnel/stuff no ships. I couldn't draw a ship for like 7 turns which is odd with espionage drawing, and 5 ships in deck, they should have been found. Ultimately from that bad start and a dead end at bajor I simply could not keep up from behind with his deck. Herman's deck is a nice classic solver, very slim draws out fast and throws people down crazy. Nice job on the win.

Closing Thoughts
Ultimately the biggest take away from NACC this year is that I simply cant, even in a solver, send one ship one crew to a mission. Breaking them up is the key and improving on card type ratios will also help improve my bajoran deck to new heights which it is already a strong deck, but can be stronger. Had a great time, met some nice people, will probably definitely look forward to GenCon next year and make arrangements for closer hotel and take off for all 4 days +1 before/after.