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Jason Tang (PantsOfTheTalShiar)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2018-05-19 - 11:30 AM
TNGSuper Barclay commands the Enterprise and our respect
Nothing can replace 1E, but here was an attempt.

Round 1BajoranNoSoup4youFW (+20)
Matt and I were both late and both new, so it was a good matchup. He had netdecked some Bajoran micro-team deck. We both made some errors playing dilemmas, but Matt had a huge setback by getting destaffed at one of his planet missions. We've all been there. It took at least a couple of turns to draw another one, but it was the second copy of the one he had in play.

Round 2FerengiNat KirtonFL (-100)
Nat had a 47-counter turn. I was slow.

Round 3DominionKeith RuppFL (-55)
This was a decent game, but I got to experience the fun of Crippling Strike. With extra copies of Mission Accomplished, I had enough bonus points to stay on the two-mission plan in spite of the point loss, but my Chula dilemmas were a bad matchup against his Jem'Hadar.

Round 4MaquisSteve NelsonFL (-60)
We were both confused at how we got paired, but Steve got paired down, and in the land of the Mod Wins, the Full Win Man is king. Steve went first and got the turn 1 Shankar. Then he locked out my space missions and extracted my Law out of my deck. I am still amazed that these cards are real. Several lucky random selections stopped Santos and gave me a window to complete a planet, though.

Closing Thoughts
Pretty awesome that 14 players showed up.

With all my games finishing before time (often well before), it makes me wonder if I am bad at dilemmas (I stole one of Kris's lists) or if my TNG stuff just accelerated the game. Actually, both are certainly true, I just don't know to what extent.