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Jason Tang (PantsOfTheTalShiar)
Tournament Report - 1E
2022-03-05 - 10:00 AM
DominionDominion/Cardassian Labor Camp 1.3
It's been a rough month, and I just hit a wall the night before, so I couldn't get my new deck finished. I think everyone is sick of my TNG Feds (including myself), so I played the other deck I had 100% ready, which was my Cardassian/Dominion Labor Camp Deck. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that deck is way too complicated to play when out of practice and sleep deprived. In addition to the normal management of skills, I also have to balance playing Jem'hadar for draws vs. Cardassians for Labor Camp and attempting missions, plus I have to worry about inter-quadrant logistics, affiliations for staffing, managing Q's Tent, etc.

Round 1RomulanFederationJames HeaneyFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Nelvana Trap was not on my radar, so I did not adequately prepare for two boosted ships showing up at my doorstep. I had tented for Kevin Uxbridge this game to nullify his Getting Under Your Skin after he had scored 10 points from it. Probably the wrong call since it was too late to prevent the two-mission win, and killing his shields-boosting event probably would have helped fend off his attackers. James's report has more detail.

Round 2DominionFerengiRobert PetersenML (-20)
Props to Robert for trying out a GQ Ferengi deck. I was kind of a wreck playing this game. It's possible that I should have used Cardassian crews to harass Robert more, but since I knew there was a good chance the game would go to time, I thought (possibly incorrectly) that it would be best to just go 100% solving. I solve space without too much trouble, then use mission IIs to go to the AQ and attempt a planet. There I hit The Sheliak on the short spaceline and get stopped. The Sheliak is only 6 span away and thus will kill my sizable Away Team before I get another turn. This is where my brain overloads and I end up wasting lots of time, a Tent, and a Wormhole thinking that damaging the dilemma with a Keldon Advanced and reducing its range to 5 would buy me enough time. (It would not.) Finally I find the optimal play of playing Bajoran Wormhole from hand to insert 1 more span, plus playing End Transmission to prevent the dilemma from moving at the end of my turn. I save my Away Team but they can't solve because of Dead End. Anyway, when the dust settles, some combination of Robert's point loss strategy and/or him solving more missions means that he has more points.

Round 3BajoranKris SonstebyFL (-25)
This was the game where I played the best, solving 2 missions even, though I was slow to get Labor Camp started. I solved space, but Kris sent 2 ships through the wormhole to pressure me. There were some interesting interactions regarding how End Transmission influences movement of Kris's Whale Probe. My plan was to Tent for Founder Agitator which would allow me to freely pass my The Clown: On His Throne/In the Pale Moonlight combo at Kris's 40-point planet. Unfortunately I was not drawing Tents, and I believe I had discarded one to reopen my spacedoor, so I sent everyone on a cloaked Keldon Advanced through the wormhole, and on my last turn I threw them at the closest planet, Save Stranded Crew. It was seeded lightly, including a mis-seeded Cytherians, so I was able to solve it. Note that the mis-seed was intentional, as Kris believed (I think correctly) that Cytherians on my short GQ spaceline would have helped me more than hurt me. But of course, Kris has been attempting his own missions this whole time, and my dilemma countdowns expire in time for him to clinch the win on his last turn in overtime.

One option I had overlooked this game was parking my Keldon Advanced on the GQ side of the wormhole to prevent Kris' Celestial Temple draws. I probably couldn't keep it there every turn, but there were some turns where it wasn't really doing anything else.

Closing Thoughts
I think there's a better way to build a Labor Camp deck, so maybe I will eventually get to that. There's just much more powerful things I'd rather be doing with Q's Tent than just "getting to my missions."