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Derrick Marsh (HoodieDM)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continental
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
CardassianFederationBad Fun
I've been trying to tweak this deck for a while. I was trying to make Cardassian TNG successful, but unfortunately you can't play them by themselves in a CM deck. I then added Federation and it was still lacking, especially in card draws and I didn't want to go the Duck Blind route, so I switched out the flavor and went the Federation route. Overall I was pleased for the most part.

Round 1FederationWilliam JolleyMW (+20)
Will and I played first round the night before in a 2E sealed tournament, so we thought it was funny that we were going to do the same here. Will was playing a Cybernetics Soong-Android deck...mostly CM, but some Voyager/TMP cards, so he ended up killing his CM late in the game. Everything went fine the first few turns, had the Enterprise out with matching commander, had Ocular Implants out, a sufficient amount of peeps and I went and attempted my first mission. I unfortunately wasn't expecting a Barclay's Disease at the end and didn't take my Corak...so I lost a handful of good people like Anya and Salia (who I downloaded to pass the dilemma before hand). I should have taken him or at least downloaded a Science Kit. Oh well, I was still able to recover pretty quickly. I scored the 50 points at Attend Rendezvous and brought out ITZ to double my range. I over extended myself as my planet missions were further down then normal speed. I went to do Insurrection and ended up losing 5 points so all my ships were back to normal range. I was a couple skills short and was in the midst of running back and forth to get people but ran out of time. I couldn't draw Cetacean Institute either for a quick 15 points either. Oh well, next time I made sure I took Science with me. MW: 45 to 25

Round 2Herman ChanFW (+65)
Herman was playing a Fed-E/Son'a deck. He was laying people down quickly the first two turns, but then kind of stalled a little. My dilemmas were holding him out while I built up. He ended up having Duck Blind and FF:Renewed out so he was drawing 3 cards a turn. I ended up blitzing through my missions pretty quickly once I had a fleet built up and took the FW 100-35.

Round 3KlingonRyan SuttonML (-10)
Ryan was one of the guys I was worried about playing. He's a top 10 guy for a reason. We've been talking lately since I just recently moved from Chicago down to Charlotte, so now I'm in Sector-001 and he's in Knoxville, so about 4 hours away. We played Thursday night in the 1E OTSD+ game in one of the final confrontations so that was fun. Anyways back to this game. During Doorway phase he lays out a Storage Compartment Door...YAAAYYYY Tribbles...*grumble grumble*. I hadn't played against anyone before with Tribbles and I think this was my downfall as I had to keep asking Ryan what was going on as they just basically get in the way of things. For the most part, this game was great though. I would have blown through most of his stuff as he had the Personal Duty + Friendly Fire combos and I blew through them twice thanks to Ocular Implants first to see the Personal Duty and then first time I had the Bralek to download Gollek (who has Leadership and Diplomacy) and the second one I had Anya to download Salia (same concept). So he was pretty impressed with that. Anyways, with his TNG Legit Klingon deck moving around, he was having difficulty with Ferengi Ingenuity+Dejaren+Access Denied (one of the downfalls of Klingon is no Univ personnel with Computer Skill) and some trouble with Blended+The Clown: Guillotine as he didn't have much Diplomacy in his deck. Eventually I solved Attend Rendezvous but for only 40 points as he killed 2 Gibsons earlier and 1 was still quarantined and one of the Leaderships specialists was stopped from a stupid Tribble. In hindsight, I probably should have waited to solve to have everyone for the full 50, but I didn't. I just wanted to move on. Insurrection had the Dead End so I was screwed on that. I went to solve Investigate Maquis Activity which I did, but didn't have Riva and no James T. Kirk plus no bonus since it wasn't my first mission. So I only got 35 points out of it. Here I was sitting at 75 points and Ryan was sitting on 85 points. I managed to stop his last attempt and I was going to go back to Insurrection with all 30 of my guys and 4 of my ships (it was funny moving the entire caravan of them with Tribbles and dropping them off all over his missions) but I never got the chance. He was dealing out the Tribbles at the end of his turn (when he likes to do it) when time was called and I got screwed. If only 10 more seconds and I could have then been on my turn to attempt the mission. I'm sure I would have easily gotten through with everyone! Oh well, awesome game and I look forward to hopefully many more with Ryan.

Round 4BorgJeremy HuthFW (+35)
Jeremy I knew pretty much was playing Borg...it's his favorite and I knew he wouldn't give up a chance to play them and try to go as far as he could. I was right, but he was playing a 2 space DQ and 4 planet AQ Borg solving version. Mostly he was running around like normal, but with a smaller refined deck (probably about 80 cards I'd imagine, didn't look like 100+ with sleeves) and he went and solved his two DQ missions and brought out Data and then went over to AQ to solve his last stuff for the win. Well my missions did give him some fits at least. Between encountering Forsaken+Ankari+Maglock he had to spend a lot of turns reattempting and either switching out one skill or having to download to his hand an adapt card. He also botched his first probe which really hurt him. I did manage to stop his Queen and Seven of Nine with Ferengi Ingenuity because he had counterpart Data BUT he forgot he had to scoop him up after he solved his first objective so he didn't have him for Ferengi Ingenuity which he would have easily passed with Second (Computer Skill x4 anyone?). Lastly he also made a misjudgement and forgot the Queen he had out had Diplomacy so he could have passed Blended the first time he encountered instead of wasting another turn. His dilemmas were just a pain in the butt. Just wall after wall after wall. Tons of stuff requiring you to have everything down there and then you hit another wall next time that I didn't bring a skill down for. I chalk this one up as a win, but mainly due to lack of good draws on my part and Jeremy botching a few things. But that's what happens with Borg. There's so much going on! Good game sir. I managed to solve 2 missions for a FW: 100-65.

Round 5Todd SoperFW (+35)
Todd and I were playing similar set ups, except he was running Taken Prisoner and Federation HQs on Earth. We both played Espionage Mission and Evade Borg Vessel. When he saw my Battle Bridge Door he freaked out and seeded his Klaestron Outpost at the Evade Borg Vessel. Both of those missions had double dilemmas so I knew I was in good shape when he placed both his facilities there. We ended up going back and forth and I would have ended quickly, but I had no Treachery or Acquisition personnel and under Attend Rendezvous was Occupational Hazards. Probably the one dilemma I can't pass, but would never think to see with how many Ferengi decks out there...that's like a cake walk for them. But none the less, he did and good for him. I couldn't get past it so I went straight to Investigate Maquis Activity as I had Riva out and as my first mission solved it gave me 50 points. I now had double range and shields on my ships, so I was flying around everywhere. I managed to clear out Study "Hole" in Space but didn't complete as I was trying to figure out the best way to get 50 points with it. But I couldn't...I didn't have James T. Kirk to do it yet. Well what was extremely funny was Todd couldn't pass Dead End at Earth and he was playing few ships so he did his Clash first and got that to 45 points with his mission specialists. He ended up playing Cetacean Institute but it took him an extra turn to set up as he had no Q the Referee out during his turn (plus he decked himself the previous turn) to draw the Temporal Vortex so he could time travel. Well that worked to my advantage. He ended up doing it and kudos cool points to him for using his James T. Kirk and Spock to get some whales. He started clearing dilemmas now on Espionage Mission and was close but he couldn't pass Blended+Horta+Guillotine. He sent everyone down and out of his three Diplomacy I picked his Spock to continue so I figured I was screwed but with Horta I drew Spock out of like 12 cards so I got pretty lucky. His unique personnel were stopped and he couldn't pass it. Next turn I finished clearing the mission like I said but ended up drawing Cetacean Institute as well. We actually had to have Charlie come make a rule because we weren't sure if we both could play the same time location. Ended up I could (which was good) because I moved the Bralek (still double range) and did the whales for 65 points and solved the space mission for 45 points. Good game Todd, was close and fun to see an almost mirror match up! FW 100-65.

Closing Thoughts
Again I did great with the deck, I could have done possibly better if things could have been different with a few more seconds for Ryan to finish out his turn and given me one last shot. I hate that you don't get at least one more, but the game is already 75 minutes. But now I understand how Tribbles play in 1E so I shouldn't need a ton of time having things explained and would have saved myself probably 2-3 more minutes! :)