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Derrick Marsh (HoodieDM)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2013-11-04 - 12:00 AM
KlingonLegit Way To Play Illegit - OTF
I was testing out stuff before CM was gonna get "nerfed." I'll have to rethink somethings with what I wanna do with this deck now that it's been errated. I'm thinking now playing with a Q's Tent (which is a good thing) instead of Civil War and then putting the Ref cards in my deck and use that as a discard to draw which turns into a download of an equipment card if needed.

Round 1Christopher CoyleFW (+100)
I just recently met Chris at the local Sector 001 group for Charlotte, NC. We didn't actually get to play each other, so this was our first time playing. I got him stopped a few times and he had difficulty with some card draws. This was a while back, so I don't remember much. But I look forward to more games with Chris at the local scene.

Round 2KlingonNiall MatthewFW (+10)
Niall and I play a lot. He was thinking of a deck he wanted to take to Nationals, so we played each others decks the weekend before he left. He won with some fun tricks and plays (as per Niall's usual play style). So we then admitted we both played each other with the deck we were using in this tourney and we said it would be funny if we had to play each other. Low-and-behold we play each other. This time I managed to know how his deck worked and I should have Arbitered a turn before but I screwed up and didn't play Klag turn 2. Anyways, it was fun and I managed to secure the win regardless.

Round 3KlingonJohannes KlarhauserFL (-55)View opponent's Report
Johannes was playing Legit so it was a battle of mission solving. He got some lucky draws with getting his ships out early, which really hurt me from doing anything. I did manage to get out my Arbiter first, but it didn't help in the end. He solved before me. Honor Klingon are just so quick because they can still play the Treachery personnel (just not for free with Legit, but with everything else they can). That makes them slightly better with personnel available to Illegit. Illegit just has ton of quick ways of getting cards even if you don't have anything in your hand. Johannes won in a close game. I imagine I would have won in my next turn.

Round 4MoFW (+100)
First time playing Mo. His setup had me thinking three things. Fed TNG, FedEE/Son'a, or Borg. I guessed correctly and glad I put my outpost in the middle of the spaceline (at a space mission because my three planets were at the opposite ends of each side of the spaceline). I figured if he wasn't playing Borg, then I'd still be in a good spot to battle him some. It was scarey the whole time. I managed to get all 4 ships out by turn 4 and then started working on personnel and equipment. With CM still drawing me 2 cards, I was able to do one "Pagh" personnel and one piece of equipment. Once I felt confident, I did the space mission which netted me 35 pts. Then he started trying to do Espionage Mission (Earth) with Assimilate Homeworld. Luckily he misread Blended and only sent down one personnel. Which was the Queen, which she was stopped with Empathy, but then the attempt ended and he was afraid of "God" so he had already moved his ship out of range. So then I started pounding away at the next mission. At this pt he had to dodge The Nexus a few times which was a good thing he moved out of way with his Tactical Cube. I cleared Compromised Mission for 45 pts (with specialists) and then I was gonna start working on my last mission. I drew into Kahless and Soran so I was gonna be able to score 45 pts with them, but I didn't need to. Poor Mo lost connection (again) and he just decided to concede. I bet I could have stopped him again with Horta and Guillotine for at least one turn more and I did peak at the planet mission I wanted to attempt and I would have taken the Edo Probe hit and then just did a ton of Exobiology with B'Somgh and evil Data. Good game sir, I was on my toes the whole time!

Closing Thoughts
I think if I would have played a bit different against Johannes I could have played in the finals with Danny. I will now have to revamp this deck with errata to CM. Not happy about it as it hurts Feds and Romulans more than it does Ferengi and Klingon, but that's okay. I'll make it work. Stay tuned to more tune ups on this deck!