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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2019-05-26 - 12:00 PM
Terok NorDilemma Discard Regionals
After a reschedule, regionals were back on in the local game store that started it all (for me). I've been playing games at Games Plus since I was in high school - which was quite a while ago now. The last time I played 2E was back in February and I had actually planned to make something new for today, but there just wasn't enough time to make a new draw deck. I copied a high cost dilemma pile from one of Kevin's decks from a while ago and added some events to my Dilemma discard deck thinking that it couldn't be any worse than what it's been.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Odd number of players today, so I played some cribbage on my phone: 1 win, and 1 loss (skunked). Sometimes your opponent just gets great cards and you don't.

Round 2TNGBrian LeonardFW (+60)View opponent's Report
Brian was playing his high-cost high integrity feds and seemed to be setting up his team nicely at the beginning. I, surprisingly, got War of Attrition in my opening hand, and got it out on the second turn and was milling dilemmas pretty much from jump. I hardly got any other events in play, so my dilemma selections were very limited and costly. Lucky for me, Brian never got Kirk out on the table. I was able to stop him with 1-2 dilemmas at each attempt. Brian played Guinan at some point so I decided to go with my 2 easier space missions and bypass Betazad. It worked like a charm and Brian couldn't stop the high strength of the Jem'Hadar.

Round 3CardassianMaggie GeppertML (-35)View opponent's Report
This game started out as good as I could have possibly wanted. I got War of Attrition going early again and had a nice mix of personnel and events building up. I almost jumped out to an early lead coming just a few strength short of completing Kressari on my first attempt. Maggie's progress was slowed to a crawl after her first attempt ended with a Tsiolkovsky Infection and she was forced to ferry back and forth with just the Groumall. My progress at Kressari was WAY more difficult than usual when Maggie landed an Insurrection on the mission. It was near the 40 minute mark before I finished Kressari and Maggie was able to finish Commandeer Prototype. Knowing that this game likely wouldn't finish in time, I tried to double team Survey New World but was thwarted by Urgency making my attribute requirements too high. On Maggies turn, she was able to complete a planet mission by using The Central Command to get past An Issue of Trust, The Enemy of My Enemy (twice) to gain Honor x2 off of Mila and pass Whispers in the Dark, and then The Central Command (again) to get past Miner Revolt and finish the mission after time was called. Not much I could really do about that.

Closing Thoughts
I was really surprised I was in a position to actually win the tournament today, so I wasn't all that disappointed that I wasn't able to close it out. Really, the only reason it took Maggie so long to finish her first mission was because she wasn't drawing any of the interrupts that would normally allow her to blast through them. There wasn't much I could do at Kressari with Insurrection on it. I think I may have been able to get it done a turn earlier if I had gone back to my HQ and loaded up on as many Jem'Hadar as I could, but I'm only 50/50 if I actually had enough Jemmie's to do it sooner. The whole dilemma milling mechanic just doesn't seem effective enough. Even if I do get 10-15 dilemmas out of play, they never seem to be ones that would have been a problem anyway. Maggie played Gorgan twice and Back to Basics while I was attempting at Kressari, but I never got one copy of those out of play. It would be nice to have a personnel that would return to the deck to name a dilemma to put out of play or something. I definitely liked pairing this dilemma pile with the draw deck, but I'll have to give it a few more tries to see. This deck is barely hovering over .500 with only minor tweaks here and there.