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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - Tr
2013-03-17 - 05:00 PM
Irregular Utilize 1.2
Sticking with the same deck in both events today.

Round 1 ()
I Utilized once for 1K. Brian went out quickly for 1K - looks like we might have another low scoring game.

Round 2 ()
I Toxin'd once for 1K. Maggie Poisoned, Scored, Tally'd and Utilized for 161K. Eric went out for 101K and an additional 61K via Tally and Poison.

Round 3 ()
Michael Toxin'd for 200K; Eric Poisoned, Scored and Utilized for 121K; Maggie Poisoned and Tally'd for 60K. I Tally'd for 50K, went out for 310K, IDIC'd for 110K and had a Quadruple to boot.

Round 4 ()
I Toxin'd for 10K. Ed Utilized 100K; Michael scored 100K. Maggie went out for 21K. I had a 200K lead going into the final round!

Round 5 ()
I Toxin'd, Tally'd, and Utilized for 60K. Maggie Toxin'd and Poisoned for 200K. Michael Scored, Toxin'd, and Tally'd for 161K, went out with 331K and IDIC'd for another 130K and took the win!

Closing Thoughts
Only 8 in-play scoring opportunities for me in this game. With a pod of 6, I would expect more, but it just didn't happen today. I also didn't get much when I did Toxin, Poison, and Utilize; scoring just over 21K when Michael scored over 400K (7), Eric scored over 334K (19), and Maggie scored over 323K (16). I certainly wasn't hitting as well as Michael, or as often as Maggie and Eric. But I still finished second and I had some positive Scan results stacking a 10K Go followed by a 100K Discard which was a pretty slick play that could result in going out in the future.