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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-01-26 - 12:00 PM
RomulanSealed Deck Romulan - 1-26-14
My first Trek event since October!!! I was pretty nervous playing today since I hadn't played in so long. My life has been consumed by a kitchen renovation and this is the first weekend where I have been close enough to completion to afford some down time. I was able to prepare a set of TNG themed Virtual boosters for today's event and utilize the Transwarp decks from last years event. I didn't try to get too crazy with my deck build. I pulled the Romulan deck, which I thought would be strong, but my layers of rust will take some time to shake off.

Round 1MaquisMichael MoskopFL (-30)View opponent's Report
I had a solid start in this game and thought this game would go very quickly after my first attempt in space was a success. Unfortunately, Michaels dilemma pile got small very quickly, and he was able to stop me on planet missions with Quaint Technology and Captain's Holiday. Mike filtered out my Geo and Anth people early and it took a long time to dig some more out of the deck. Meanwhile, I was able to stall Mike with my own dilemmas and help from the Husnock Ship - but it was not enough and in the end I came up short.

Round 2KlingonEdward PigmanFW (+30)
I was sure that the Klingon starter was by far the best out of the Transwarp decks and I was surprised that Ed had lost his first game. We were neck and neck the entire time and this game could have gone either way. My dilemmas weren't doing much, but I was able to kill off a few key Security people late in the game and seal the win.

Round 3Non-AlignedEric BiecheFL (-30)
The N/A deck is another solid Transwarp deck and Eric played it extremely well. I couldn't get his Intel or Telepathy off the table and my re-usable dilemmas were pretty much useless. I might have won on the next turn, but Eric used some Maras shenanigans to render my last ditch dilemma stack useless and won the game.

Closing Thoughts
I think I might have had a better result if I had paid a little more detail to my deck build. I had a lot of interrupts and events that I should have swapped out for more skills. A second HQ may have helped also, but I just didn't take the time to make it happen. I'm pretty happy with the way I played, I only missed a few minor opportunities that probably didn't effect the outcomes. It's nice to be back playing again.