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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - Tr
2013-08-25 - 04:00 PM
Sorry Friends, Speed Demon Achiever
Tried to squeeze in another tribbles game today so I went with my speed demon deck.

Round 1 ()
First go-round of the table and Corbin scores 100K off a Utilize, SO, I wasn't really motivated to do much the rest of the game cuz I had no chance of winning and getting the speed demon achievement.

Round 2 ()

Round 3 ()

Round 4 ()

Round 5 ()

Closing Thoughts
I think I only went out like 3 times, which is totally unacceptable for this deck. Corbin, on the other hand, continues his winning ways and tends to be scoring over 300K regardless of the pod-size and what anyone else is playing.