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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - Tr
2013-07-28 - 11:00 AM
Sorry Friends, Speed Demon Achiever
Trying to get the Speed Demon achievement this month. The deck worked great, just too many in-play scoring opportunities for the pod. Brian was playing Battle, so we was the target of Poisons and Utilize.

Round 1 ()
Started of great with a 10 Go, 100 Stampede, 1000 Famine. Unfortunately, Corbin hit a 100K when he Utilized Brian on the first go-around of the table. Absolutely no chance I was going to beat 100K, so my speed-demon dreams were dashed almost immediately after starting. Went out for 3k.

Round 2 ()
Went out quickly for another 3K, but Brian split Tally's with both Corbin AND Jason.

Round 3 ()
Corbin beat me out this time and scored over 100K.

Round 4 ()
Went out again for 1K, but Jason and Brian split another Tally.

Round 5 ()
Corbin and Jason were separated by only 1010 tribbles going into the final round. Corbin split another Tally with Brian and I went out for 2K to end the match.

Closing Thoughts
Corbin won, even though I went out 4/5 rounds. I felt the deck worked well, but there's just not much you can do when there is an average amount of Utilize and an above average amount of Tally. I'll hold onto this deck and save it for the next time I'm in a pod of 4. Maybe with a smaller pod it will go out even faster and the scoring opportunities will be less for the rest of the pod.