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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - 2E
2014-04-27 - 01:00 PM
FerengiRule of Acquisition #3
Went with a version of Nat's Ferengi and alien gambling device deck. I made some additions including Hugh which came in handy today.

Round 1ByeBY (0)
Took the bye hoping another player would show up.

Round 2RelativityEric BiecheFW (+30)
Eric was playing Relativity with two of the new Bashirs borrowed from me. My hand got jammed up early with AWC showing up too early and not enough Ferengi. Prince Humperdink did show up early so I made the most of the gambling devices. Eric got out to a strong lead, stopping me easily with Personal Duty and WNOHGB. But I didn't give up and came back with a Dreamer and Unwanted Guests combo that cost Eric both his Temporal Transporters. Then I made up more ground by saying "It Never Hurts to Suck up to the Boss" to get past Rogue Borg Ambush. I kept Eric from his last attempt at Dyson Sphere by using Oracle's Punishment to stop his diplomacy and finish the stack with a Gomtuu. Time is called when I stated my next turn and I decked out playing my last personnel so I would have enough to tag-team Salvage Borg Ship for the win.

Round 3StarfleetMaggie GeppertFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Maggie was playing an AU Starfleet deck I'd never played against before. The Prince showed up on turn 1 again and I got a few Gambling devices in play. I finished my first mission while Maggie was still at Earth and loading up a Watch Dog. I took a chance and tried to cancel the Watch Dog and it went through taking 4 interrupts with it. Maggie's dilemma pile was going for attribute reduction, and while it did the trick on my first attempt, it left a lot under for my second. Maggie finally started attempting after she could staff the Defiant, but ran into a dilemma stack that ended with her crew going WNOHGB. I was able to use These Are the Voyages to cycle my deck quickly and get two quality teams down to my last mission for the win.

Closing Thoughts
This is by far the best Ferengi deck I've ever played. I definitely had some great luck getting Martus Mazur (aka Prince Humperdink) early in both games. If he doesn't show up early and you don't get your cheap devices, the deck turns into a straight Ferengi solver with no real tricks. Hugh was a good addition as well, I used his ability in both games to help edge past dilemmas or finish a mission. I went without Prak, but I will probably add 2 copies to the deck if this doesn't get hosed in the near future. I like that Alien Gambling Device has come out of my 2E binder after sitting there for 10+ years, but Eric was already complaining that there was some broken-ness to the deck. I really don't see anything broken myself, the Ferengi still have some major skill holes and suck at strength and integrity. This engine just gives them another build that doesn't revolve around stacking cards under Ferenginar and spending a LOT of time not letting the game progress.