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Al Schaefer (ltkettch17)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2017-06-10 - 12:00 PM
TNGDS9"Duh? Bomb," yet again...
Spent basically every free moment this week researching cards, decks, building decks and playing games. Nothing really clicked so I made a few adjustments to the Jaeger Bomb deck that I've played twice in my last two outings.

Round 1TNGMaggie GeppertFW (+95)View opponent's Report
I had a really good opening draw and I got to go second, meaning I could download Quark and get off to the races. Maggie played something that gave me 3 card draws on her first turn which included Quark, a Preposterous Plan, and Guinan. Quite possibly the best opening I've ever had with this deck and I put the pressure on fast. Maggie struggled to keep up and seemed to have a tough time finding a ship. Pulled off the bomb and got a quick win.

Round 2TOSCasey WickumFL (-65)View opponent's Report
With as good a start as I had in the previous game I had an equally bad start in this game. My opening hand was extremely poor with a couple of high cost people, and no ways to get at Quark, Guinan, or Inyo. Casey had a great start and was playing the anti-dual HQ meta mission and had back to back turn 1's which saw him with a ship and 4 people before I even played a card. Once I finally got rolling, I made a game of it, but Casey's skill tracking was spot on and I had a tough time building up dilemmas. His high attribute crews really took the bite out of The Clown and I made a couple of assumptions that just didn't go my way. Times when I thought he was bringing lots of mission skills, he didn't. Then times when I thought he would be protecting people with mission skills, he brought them instead. I even consumed 2 copies of Moral Choice at his second mission. I didn't have many things go my way this time.

Round 3MaquisSteve NelsonFL (-35)View opponent's Report
Another sub-par draw this game, most notably NO SHIP. Steve was giving me everything Maquis had to offer and not only bounced back Quark twice, he put my full hand back 3 times - once with a ship! Steve had one mission done and was well into his second by the time I left my HQ. He was pretty familiar with my deck so his dilemma plays were well done and he didn't take any risks. Like in the previous game, times where I was expecting his team to have a lot of mission skills - he didn't, and vice versa. Well played game by Steve.

Round 4VoyagerBrian LeonardFW (+70)
As bad as the last two games went, everything went my way this time. Good draw, good dilemmas, no weird second guessing. Brian and I went out for White Castle afterward - which thankfully did not have any dire effects.

Closing Thoughts
I guess I shouldn't play the same deck 3 tournaments in a row. I knew I would run the risk of playing something that everyone would be aware of, as well as something that people would meta against. I don't think I made any major gameplay mistakes or really bad decisions. However, I wasn't in tune with my opponents today and it definitely resulted in some sub-par results from my dilemmas. I finished second in Tribbles, so for the second year in a row, I don't have much to show from the IL Regional.