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Neil Timmons (ntimmons)
Tournament Report - 2E Race to the Alpha Quadrant - American Nationals Side Event
2011-01-14 - 06:30 PM
TOSTOS Battle, The Light Side of the Force
Nationals East. I decided it was time to make a sneak attack on Nationals West. I have participated in Nationals East twice at this point, and I figured the only way I would ever get to Nationals West is to catch it when it got as close to me as possible. Well that and Southwest offered to fly me to Chicago and back to DC for about a hundred and thirty bucks… So here I am, sitting in the class room of the college of DuPage. I had just walked in to see three people in the room. I walked in with my big black coat on, and my goofy “Animal the muppet” hat on. I looked up at Al Schafer and asked if anybody else was planning on showing up. I could tell everybody in the room was looking at me thinking “who the heck is this clown? What’s with the goofy stupid hat?” Al handed me a DeckPadd to fill out, and when I handed it back to him he look at me and said “The Neil Timmons?!?” So I will set the stage. 2 people know I am in Chicago. My wife. She had to know.. I had to get permission. Charlie Plaine knew. I was planning on bringing a whole bunch of prize support, so I had to talk to him a bit. No one else knew. So it was a shock during the second round when Michael van Breemen sent me a text asking “Are you in Chicago?” I had already been ratted out. It was fine.. my surprise was well received.

Round 1Mike BurkeFW (+100)
Round 1: Sadly round 1 was very short. I was playing against Mike Burke. He didn’t know what I was doing, so when he took his ship out to his space mission and attempted, I blew his ship up a little bit and he decided he didn’t want to play so picked up his cards.

Round 2VoyagerBrian LeonardFW (+75)
Round 2: Brian Leonard was playing Voyager. I also caught Voyager in a lurch. That’s the one nice thing about having a surprise deck that only works once, when it does work, it’s awesome. Brian had discarded some of his Voyagers at the beginning of the game, so when I blew Voyager up, he did not have a ship to replace it with. Kudos to Brian for sticking out the whole game even if he was not able to play a ship or personnel.

Round 3BorgAl SchaeferFW (+100)
Round 3: Al Schafer was playing Borg, and he at least had an idea what I was up to. This was a good game, with Al keeping a close eye on his ship, and attempt missions very carefully. In the end I was able to catch him with my dilemmas and hold him at bay until Kirk could do his thing and get me missions. I did suffer a really bad dreamer where I lost most of everything, but at that point I was ahead and churning on missions, and once Kirk is going he is hard to stop.