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Neil Timmons (ntimmons)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-04-06 - 06:00 PM
DominionDominion Eris & friends
This was an online tournament where I was trying to use Tragic Turn in a very unique way. try to get TT/Brenan Ritual on a mission with nothing under, and let my opponent bash their head against the mission.

Round 1DominionJoshua SheetsFW (+35)View opponent's Report
I got things going against Josh, and with a little luck got the dilemma combo setup. I was able to shuffle dilemmas over to my other missions while he was beating against his space mission. Josh is a lot of fun to play against, I hated used this dirty trick against him.

Round 2CardassianJFW (+100)
J made for a fun game. he was trying to do some Cardassian fun, but I was just able to get through missions faster then he was. It was a good game, but sometimes it's hard to argue against Jem'Hadar strength.

Round 3FerengiMichael Van BreemenFW (+90)
Gosh. sometimes things fall together nicely. Michael got out a little slowly, and in the extra turn it took him to get out, I was able to get everything setup. He spent his time bashing against my dilemmas, and I spent my time bashing into his (then shuffling them around). Michael is a lot of fun to play with online and in person.

Round 4BajoranCharlie PlaineFL (-25)
Sometimes you play a game and nothing goes right. This was one of those games. Charlie had a standard Bajoran resistance build, at least I couldn't tell the difference between his and the one I have, but those guys are fast. they can just get a jump if fueled right. He was able to get going quicker then I could, and was able to start his missions before I could get everything setup. I was not able to reduce the consume on TT down to 0, and ended up putting too many dilemmas under his first mission. When he bumped his first mission, he was able to use Krim to get rid of all of the remaining Tragic Turns I had. Well this isn't good... the whole dilemma pile revolves around that dilemma. So I tried my best to do something at a mission, and Charlie flawlessly banged out the game. I believe this game was recorded as a podcast, so anybody who wants to listen to it go find Charlie's secret stash. Charlie is lots of fun to play against, and I look forward to games in the future!