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Dan Van Kampen (Iron Prime)
Tournament Report - Tr Tribbles
2012-03-03 - 03:00 PM
Dan's Poison Deck
My first ever Tribbles experience - tournament or otherwise. Special thanks to Kris for helping me out with a deck. Good fun! I'll have to make it a point to get to more of these (and build a few decks).

Round 1 ()
HUGE round my Steve! I believe he saw over 500,000 tribbles in this single round! I had read the rules a few days prior, but needed a little help remembering all the 'special ablities' such as Toxin. The first few plays flew by but by the end of the round I think I had at least a basic handle on the game.

Round 2 ()
More domination by Steve, I had my feet fully under me by this point though and was really starting to have some fun!

Round 3 ()
This round last forever! It was a really "knock down, drag out". Kris and I started poisoning each other to try and keep Steve at bay. It took awhile but eventually someone went out.

Round 4 ()
This was a quick round with Kris going out - doubly quick in comparison to round 3...

Round 5 ()
I finally get out! Only scored a few tribbles from the play pile, but it was a good feeling. I also robbed Steve of the 1,000,000 mark by going out right away. I feel both happy and a tiniest bit guilty about it... :-)