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rakesubrocket (rakesubrocket)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2014-05-31 - 11:00 AM
TNGDouble Agent Spyguy (aka Hola Davies)
It was really fun to play in my first regional and all the players where really nice.

Round 1RomulanSteve NelsonFL (-70)
Steve Nelsons deck was really well built and fun to play against I like how he did 2 mission win. But same with Kevin's deck A little to many events for me.

Round 2DominionMatthew HayesFW (+20)
dominion is A hard deck type to master and make good and Hayes made a great deck and I had a great game with him.

Round 3KlingonRomulanKevin JaegerFL (-5)View opponent's Report
My game with Kevin was by far the hardest game I played the deck was confusing to me and had to many events for my taste but great game over all.

Round 4BorgMike HarringtonFL (-15)
My game with Mike was really fun and inspirational for a new player like me.As he went into his third mission I gave dilemmas but alas it was not enough and solved for the win with a 110 points.