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rakesubrocket (rakesubrocket)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-01-24 - 10:00 AM
TOSYou will attain the highest levels of intelligence
coming in with a new deck that I've brought to a tournament before.

Round 1StarfleetJustin KaufmanFW (+100)
Justin and I had a great game having multiple ships really helped him with the range needed to get to space.But in the end he could not get the first mission done.Thanks for the game Justin

Round 2TNGbandana8472FW (+35)View opponent's Report
My dad and I haven't played against each other in a tournament ever before. Over all this was my favorite game I have ever played in a tournament before.Thanks Dad for the great game.

Round 3VoyagerNat KirtonFL (-100)
Nat and I had a good game thanks for the game Nat hope we can play again soon.

Closing Thoughts
This was an okay tournament thanks Jeremy for being the coolest tournament director ever.