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Brian Leonard (MrVorlon)
Tournament Report - 2E - Deep Space 9 Regional
2019-05-26 - 12:00 PM
TNGI dont know about the intensity or the intelligence, but I sure do like the Integrity!
First two games were rough, then I broke Casey.

Round 1CardassianMaggie GeppertFL (-70)View opponent's Report
No Surprise Party, no Kirk...I lost

Round 2Terok NorAl SchaeferFL (-60)View opponent's Report
No Surprise Party, no Kirk...I lost

Round 3TOSCasey WickumFW (+70)
Unlike my other games, this time I got Surprise Party and Kirk-Original Thinker in play. I attempted my two planet missions with large away teams including Kirk to get dilemmas underneath. Then, I followed up with smaller teams allowing Casey to draw only one useless dilemma. Then I went to my space mission which required Law. This confused Casey. He spent at least five minutes talking to himself, "Who has Law? Does Spock have Law? Why would Spock have Law? Does Picard have Law? Does anyone else have Law? Who has Law!?..."

Closing Thoughts
I was a bit perturbed that I didn't get a bye and had to play through the entire tournament. I had hoped to get lunch before Tribbles! I was quite surprised to win against Casey, since he usually smashes me. Of course, I can't surprise him with a Law mission anymore! I'm sure he will get me next time!