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Brian Leonard (MrVorlon)
Tournament Report - Tr - North American Continental
2012-08-19 - 01:00 PM
It's Battle Cattle...er...Tribbles!
I went with Battle for the continentals

Round 1 ()
I remember battling some, but not too much. I did have the 1 Converts into 100000 going pretty well though. I went out once in the opening table because someone poisoned me hitting an Antidote. Thank you kind sir. Ended up in 2nd place at the table but not with enough to go to the top table. Similar story in the second table. I had the 1 Converts into 100000 going and Battle when I could. Went out again thanks to Antidote for 2nd place at this table too!

Closing Thoughts
I had fun. My long-time friend Eric won Tribbles Continentals so congrats to him!