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Brian Leonard (MrVorlon)
Tournament Report - Tr - North American Continentals Day Two
2013-08-18 - 02:00 PM
World War Tribble
...Wrong! There were a couple Discards on the final table at one point, but I could not get a Toxin out. James was playing 1 Go-10 Utilize all game, so all I could play was 100 Copy. This was fine as I consistently Copied James' Utilize, but I could not keep pace with the other point scorers at the table.

Round 1 ()
David won!

Closing Thoughts
I was wondering if I made the right choice for my deck. Would people actually help me by playing Discard? They did, but only at the first table. I had a ton of furry fun at Gen Con. I hope I can do it again next year!