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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E - Ferenginar Regional
2018-06-02 - 10:30 AM
So, with Far Beyond the Stars now legal and Keevan not going to work the way that I was guessing he was going to get errata'd, I decided to see just how bad Enemy of my Enemy is with a fairly normal Cardassian Tain deck (just adding Ferengi in order to get the Ferengi/Cardassian win achievement.) It was very strong, out-speeding three Relativity decks and almost-always solved a mission or two in each turn (Did not solve in my first try only two attempts out of three games. The second attempt was always successful.)

Round 1RelativityKenneth TuftsFW (+65)
Attempted with seven in space, had two people stopped but still solved in space due to Enemy of my Enemy getting Science and attributes from (AU) Rom to solve. After that, Central Command wrecked the two planets attempts after getting a lot of drawing (Lurin discarded a ship for two counters, Groumall gets ships back and Damar discarded a ship to draw three) At the end of the game, I had 10-12 cards left in the deck.

Round 2RelativityJustin FordFW (+100)
In this game, Tain got hit by Weak will Perish which allowed me to play a second copy which helped get more interrupts (I used Central Command three times, using Ocett to get one back from the discard pile) and two Enemy of my Enemy's to get skills/attributes for the mission solves. Only the last mission was stopped by a dilemma as I was out of Central Command's at the time (hit Intimidation) I solved the next turn after getting through an Issue of Trust with one of the two Enemy of my Enemy's at the time. There were 8 cards left in the deck at the end of the game.

Round 3RelativityAmber Van BreemenFW (+65)
Used two Central Commands and an Elim skill gain (Issue of Trust, Personal Duty) to get through my space mission. Used Enemy of my Enemy to solve my easy planet mission (gaining Navigation and 7 cunning from Rom). I was stopped by Dereliction of Duty and specific stop to stop my only instance of one skill as I was out of Central Commands at that time. I played Ocett to get a Central Command back and worked through my harder planet for the win.

Closing Thoughts
This could've been way more optimized in terms of personnel in the discard pile (better personnel, more attributes, etc.) Doesn't need to be a micro-team deck for this to work but it's certainly an option. Combining this with Central Command, Enemy of my Enemy is just uber-strong. If I combined this with Bajorans, you could play Ranjen Koral or a version of Kira to take a card from the discard pile into hand multiple times (using the newish Surjak to kill them so that they can be played again.) Couple this with Casualties of the Occupation so that they're strong to begin with and it's just hard to stop without killing them. Also, I apparently forgot about getting Dukat, Prefect of Bajor into the deck too. I find this to be rather disturbingly strong as it is right now and I'm sure that it could be refined that much better.