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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day One
2011-08-05 - 05:00 PM
KlingonNo Baht-Qul, No Problem
A better deck but would it be enough to get into Day 2? Ultimately not unfortunately...

Round 1Terok NorRogue ShindlerFL (0)
I could not draw a ship. There are four ships in the deck and the deck is 42 cards. I did not get a ship until I had maybe 14 cards left in the deck including several turns of simply drawing all cards, forcing me to discard my hand as well. While my dilemma pile was giving me time, it was not enough to overcome the headstart my deck was giving him.

Round 2DS9-EarthScott BaughmanFW (0)
I think the deck was telling me that it was sorry in this game. I started the game with a ship in my opening hand. It was also good to have Kruge and Point Blank Strike within the first two turns. After my attempts at my space mission, he made an attempt. Even with Bashir, I managed to kill enough to get them so that Kruge could capture them. After that, it was simple for my Klingons to solve.

Round 3KlingonDarrell MinottFW (0)
An almost mirror matchup of past Klingons. We each solved our first missions and it wasn't until he beamed everyone down to the planet that I had the opportunity to steal his ship. While he solved Rescue Prisoners in time, the extra turns gave me the time necessary for the win.

Round 4VoyagerJoel SkonFL (0)
As we played in the earlier round and, knowing that my dilemma pile of A Royal Hunt/Final Adventure will do nothing, I'm going to be lucky again to get this taken care of. However, with Kruge, I figured that I could capture Voyager which should buy me some time. It wasn't until he solved his second mission that I had the chance to catch up. I was almost ready to solve my third mission when he played Voyager with three people aboard. He has six people at his last planet mission with nothing under. I have my second Point Blank Strike in my hand. I can take Voyager again and would give me the turn or two extra needed to solve my planet mission. He attempts with six after having not done so for several turns. I'm thinking that he doesn't have it, that he's just trying to get dilemmas underneath the mission despite being able to stop him. I make the biggest oops of the tournament - I didn't give him any dilemmas. He used Cavit for the extra Cunning for the win.

Round 5TNGThomas KamiuraFL (0)
I knew exactly what he was playing - low-cost weenie folks with death prevention. I was able to get rid of Pulaski and Crusher early but I could never destaff the Excelsior. Unfortunately, I took the wrong dilemmas back with my last Bold Plan. I should've taken Dal'Rok and Clown: Guillotine but took back Royal Hunt instead. I just needed one more turn as I had my last mission buried.