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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Online Event
2011-07-06 - 06:00 PM
RomulanOnly Romulans
I decided to go for the Romulan player achievement along with trying for Limited Resources (no non-Rom cards in the deck) too. It's just a simple solver that tries to get expensive people into play cheaply (P'tol, Energize/Alternate Identity) while the pile is designed to leave little to no dilemmas underneath the mission as I can.

Round 1Jerad BerhowFW (+100)
Jerad was playing a Borath deck, attempting to deck out his opponent first by stopping cheap Jem'hadar's with Borath to draw cards while discarding matching card types from my deck. Unfortunately, it never seemed to work very often which was rather surprising since there was multiple different means to change what was on top of the deck. I won before he could attempt missions.

Round 2DominionRichard NewFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Richard was playing a two-mission Dominion Integrity solver using things like Raise the Stakes to increase his 35 point missions to be 40 points, thereby being able to use Enterprise-J to boost his stats more. Add a few Distant Explorations and you have your two missions. Unfortunately, I was already at two missions when he made his first attempt which resulted in me destaffing his ship (6 people on the Dominion Battleship but only five have staffing and I killed him with a Issue of Trust/Occupational Hazards combo.)

Round 3BajoranMatt KirkFW (+100)
Matt was playing his Odo/Escape Pod deck which I had played against at Continentals weekend. Forgetting about Donatra in space netted me my space mission and, after two attempts at Aid Legendary Civilization made it difficult to get back the number of people that went under the deck. I won before he could attempt missions.

Round 4Terok NorMarkus EberleinFW (+95)
He was doing a Jem'hedar Entrenchment deck which didn't do well against all of the Leadership in the deck. Swapping out Donatra with Mendak when I was given Secret Identity made his Dignitaries useless (he's an Admiral) and when I got Secret Identity again, I swapped out for Neral (Donatra was in hand.) Quickly solving Aid Legendary left barely enough to make an attempt at Survey New World. After his attempt with dilemmas and the mission itself, he was uable to staff his Tenak'talar. Even with Jem'hadar Entrenchment on my own version of Survey New World, I was through in relatively short order.