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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-16 - 01:00 PM
VoyagerSilly Willy Deck
I was going for a half-dozen different achievements and, if was played a day later, I would've gotten a new achievement. It's the biggest 2e deck I've ever played.

Round 1TOSJohn CorbettFL (-80)
John's Assess Contamination made sure that half or so of my dilemma pile doesn't work. Favor the Bold it again with OT Kirk = I'm not going to win this game. McCoy + Shran + Infinite Diversity/Counterinsurgency Program = I solved only Caretaker's Array in this game.

Round 2DS9William HoskinFW (+75)View opponent's Report
He gets the Phoenix in play and I feel like I'm in trouble as my plan of Array, Mystery and Lost Colony is exactly 100 points and I'm not rocking any engagement cards at all. Meanwhile I'm just barely stopping him in space with my Unfair Comparison pile. I'm intentionally picking on his Ezri whom he protects with Bashir so that I could my Infections to work. If only I could've drawn Spatial Interphase and Well-Prepared Defenses together for some real carnage... He gets his Phoenix over via Warp Speed Transfer so this means that I had to attempt Honor the Fallen which I hadn't even bothered to check to see if I could do this mission with my deck or not. This is when I get lucky and he plays Secret ID on me allowing me to get Tuvok into play and eventually solve the mission before heading over to Aid Lost Colony and get through that mission in relatively short fashion.

Round 3TNGMichael MoskopFL (-40)View opponent's Report
Restore Errant Moon + Hinderance = kept me in this game way longer than I had any right to be. I screw up at his cadet mission and gave him an easy solve whereas I'm working through my two space missions with barely the skills to solve them (one of each skill at this point.) But I have Hinderance and Restore Errant Moon allows me to download Oracle's Punishment which I then stop his attempt (which after hitting him with Unfair + Whispers + Sylvia) was pretty much the only thing that I'm drawing that works. I could never get rid of his Zefram though no matter how much I wanted to. When I get to my planet I get so close to solving but I'm two attributes short. I attempt one more time but still couldn't close the deal. He pounds my dilemma support with all of his Tacking/Grav's and can't hold him off as he solves for the win.

Closing Thoughts
Make both parts of the deck smaller and more focused if I intend to make this deck work.