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Michael Van Breemen (The Ninja Scot)
Tournament Report - 2E
2012-07-08 - 12:00 AM
TOS2-mission win TOS
Same deck as the online tournament, only added some Haadok's and changed a couple of people out in return.

Round 1CardassianTOSDS9Non-AlignedBrian LeonardFW (+50)
He was going for a two mission win and got one mission before I got my second one for the win.

Round 2FerengiMaggie GeppertFL (-50)View opponent's Report
It's a not a good thing when you have to use your Tacking to get a ship. It's a worse thing when your opponent gets original Zek and Moogie in their opening hand to fuel paying for Rule 144, making my Infinite Diversity's useless. Lastly, the random selection gods picking off Sulu to deprive mission skills delayed for an extra turn (not that it mattered as I found out afterwards that she would've top-decked a Kolaran Raiders

Round 3KlingonEdward PigmanML (-5)View opponent's Report
A study of playing the wrong person instead - Not playing Bashir before going into space = losing three to Tsikovsky and then getting four captured by Kruge. Played second Number 1 (first one died to Tsikovsky) to get back three of them. Got nailed at planet, hitting Unfair Terms twice and losing two people each time. Still would have gotten through if we had another two minutes or so.