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Bruce Parrish (Captain Parrish)
Tournament Report - 1E
2017-11-19 - 01:00 PM
Non-AlignedBorg Assimlator
I wanted to play a battle like non - aligned borg deck with mostly androids and borg for beaming battle fun! It was a lot of fun to say the least.

Round 1Jeremy ScottFW (+50)
Jeremy was playing Kazon. I managed to full up an assimilator wormhole to the delta quadrant steal his mission. Then while he was moving down the spaceline I played an airlock on his ship beamed over to it and proceeded to throw people out and battle until I had effectively killed them all. Came back to the alpha quadrant after hitting a plague ship that got me to 50 to finish off establish new collective and then an establish alpha foothold for the win.

Round 2Chris DeitzMW (+40)
This was a very strategic game. I had thrown in some anti vulcan tech before the tourney because they bother me with all of their skill gaining and all around non 1e like play style. Chris was essentially locked out of vulcan with an in the pale moonlight and I swooped in to steal it after destroying the ENTERPRISE.

Round 3DarthpapaML (+20)
This game was fun and slow. Darth Papa was able to stop first contact but nothing else before time was called. I wasn't able to draw an assimilator nor was I able to use launch portal did draw one. All I had was a zalkonian vessel and was locked out by a quantum leap. There are only 2 archaeology in the deck.The one mission I did complete I had to eat an edo probe. Best play of the game was letting him set up his probe after exterminating my starship, then q the ref for the juggler and he probed unsuccessfully.

Closing Thoughts
Fun deck always great to meet up with the guys for some local trek!