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Suden Käpälä (SudenKapala)
Tournament Report - 1E - Worlds Side Event
2019-08-10 - 04:00 PM
RomulanWorlds`19: Nefets`s Musical Intrusion In The Sound Of Anarchy.
I was coaxed into joining this illustrious event organised by Niall, the infamous "sexecutioner". No, not really coaxed -- once I had resigned to join the two other 1e sealed side events (of which one even turned into a draft), it didn't take much to have me join this party as well. But initially I had been a bit hesistant, since I am not usually one to willingly navigate into anything chaotic. My deck was a Romulan TNG (Coming Of Age) starter, randomly provided. All missions from an individually opened Premiere booster -- as per new 'Aberdeen Anarchy' (AA) rules -- must go into the seed deck (extra sleeves were provided; and if more missions were drawn, dilemmas were to be taken out). (See deck list notes; also for some details on the event.) Random rules changes (à la the infamous Flux game) were shouted out by a Maria-from-Sound-Of-Music-ally-clad Niall. Chaos abundant. Loud music. Beer. According to my sketchy notes (still better than my opaque memory) I seem to have started all three games (via my luck in the roll of a die).

Round 1FederationPeter LudwigML (-35)
Peter "Loosewig" Ludwig did not honour his nickname -- he was a winner in more than one field, here, too. He helped me through my first game with Virtual cards. He played an Oberth-class boat, which I love (I've written about that on forum, somewhere); so that's why I remember that he played FED. (See also the introductory notes in my first mission report, about my respect for people who recall a lot more about their games. How do you do that!?) That -- and the photo we made of us and our cards. I'm glad and proud to have had to opportunity to play the (then-upcoming) next 1e World Champion! Details: results for me +1 victory points (VP), 35-70 points (actually I recorded 72 for Martok), -35 differential; duration 75m.

Round 2Paddy TyeFW (+100)
I faced Paddy again! Nice. Niall introduced this round -- with a nice ironic story -- as Warp-10 "Salamander Speed". We must randomly select only 2 missions to solve (with all of our opponent's dilemmas going under those missions)! Those locations got to be dual icon, by receiving some sort of custom 'AA' errata. One of those locations soon got blown up by some virtual supernova phenomenon (via the latest Anarchy rule), yet half of the dilemmas was transferred to the single remaining mission. It was chaos. I shot down a fully loaded ship, scoring me the win. Since Paddy was actually, genuinely distracted IRL (trouble with his flight home the next day -- kudos that he kept on playing), I felt pretty bad about doing so. But it was all I could do to make sense of the situation in a meaningful way. Details: results for me +4 VP, 100-0, +100 differential; duration 55m.

Round 3alex dixonFL (-100)
The game knew a relatively normal start. We took a long pause for Johannes's (Old Kor) well-deserved "coronation ceremony" to thank him for his Traveler's Pool. He spoke beautifully of his main reason for becoming a TNG man, and a STCCG player. Unrelated, Jaegermaester (and -- related -- some tears) flowed lavishly. I also think that this -- or the next? (See Maggie's game report) -- was the round in which we all participated in a sing-along karaoke version of a Sound Of Music song. There were some quite interesting recitals! What I lack in finesse and singing skill, I tend to make up for with volume and sheer throat-searing power -- and although I was a bit disappointed with my own performance (to be honest: given Niall's excellent musical taste, I had hoped for a different genre), it was a joy to hear some of the others sing. I might have been ahead (doing not-so-badly, in the first place because this again was a game that was close to what I already knew), but we had to flip a coin -- and with it, according to the last AA ruling -- just like that -- Alex won! Which was fine, actually. We had fun and it was a joy to play him. Regretfully, I don't remember if either of us had attempted and/or solved any missions. Details: results for me 1 VP, 0-100 (so no missions solved?), -100 differential; duration 17m.

Closing Thoughts
I was glad to have joined the fray, and that I've been unto the breach. In the final rankings of this event, I did not perform so well -- but that was far from the most important thing. It's also ironic, since I had not expected to fare well in any of the events; but this -- the least serious one -- was that in which I also performed worst. Which makes it seem as if fate smiled upon me in the other events. It was a bit exhausting for my particular brain, but since I was in Vienna, and playing Trek, and having heard and read so much about it, I wouldn't have missed it for the Worlds.