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Jody Lamb (joedlaw)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Andoria Regional
2011-04-02 - 12:00 PM
KlingonTaylor Gang Or Die
Queue bitter tournament report in 5...4...3...2...1... NOT!! I actually had a wonderful time yesterday, despite my first round lost to Kris. I have been working a lot of different builds lately.. Klingon Battle, TOS Solver, Starfleet Solver, Voyager Hotness, and a couple other's not mentioned in other tourney's or seen yet... I was hell bent on destroying my competition and figured this was the best chance at completing my objective and staying competitive in the tournament. I will say this though, I think regional tournaments with more than eight people should have at least 5 rounds, and include a final confrontation... Even if someone goes undefeated there should be a chance for the 2nd top player to redeem himself in a match for the tournament. These are not your regular weekly/monthly tournament and IMHO they should have some sort of different format. Please, don't take this in the wrong way... I've had this opinion for some time now, and even if I was undefeated yesterday, I would still feel like the player in 2nd should have got another crack at the tournament. One and done is just so boring.....

Round 1TOSKris SonstebyFL (0)View opponent's Report
Ok, nuff of my rant... Somehow we got paired together... I have lost all of my other games against Kris in the past... I don't know why, but for some reason... THIS GUY IS MY COUNTERPOINT NEMESIS ICON, i.e. 1E... So, we sit down ready to duke it out and he throws down TOS. Considering TOS is the other affiliation that I was tempted to play in the tourney, I knew they were very strong... OT Kirk, McCoy, Nagata Cycle, Helen Noel, is just the tip of the iceberg. This game should've been televised. Early game I drop a Kruge, some Point Blank Strike, Call to Arms, and some Energize hotness.... but to my dismay, I'm having a difficult time drawing into my personnel... seriously, it was turn 5,6 or 7(not exactly sure) and I looked down, 4 personnel we're in play. It was pretty ridiculous. Man, Kris was jumping back and forth between his planet mission on the same turn, dropping teams down and avoiding my Kruge hotness. But, I was plugging away too... I solved my Obtained Advanced Technology... while he was huffing away at his two planet missions.. Game is getting close in time.. I scored some B'ahtQul Challenge points and the game was tied at 70, his two planets to my one planet and some bonus points. Time is called, Kris will get one last turn and I get to finish my turn up... I'm looking down at my core and trying to decide.... Attack him for the ten Call to Arms points or go for the full win, with four dilemma's under last mission and seven people on my ship, I chanced the mission... bad move. Even though I GPT his Uninvited his pile stops me... Grrrr... So still tied, his turn and only my dilemma's between a True Tie or a Full Win for him... He shuffle's some peeps around and attempts with 7, 6 under.... kill Worf with Hindrance and pitch two cards from hand with Not Easily Avoided... OK, I should be able to just go and grab anything and stop his crew(you would think...) but, i couldn't decide on the correct dilemma to throw at him.. It was between a Clown: Guillotine or a Personal Duty.. I picked the Guillotine for the chance at an ACE... No ACE consumed, so I called Astrometrics and pulled out Helen Noel if I remember correct... I'm thinking "YES!!!" but then he bumps her stats with Driven! "NO!" :( Game over, he solved... Looking back on it I should have played the Personal Duty, it would've stopped three people.. oh well. I over thought the game and psyched myself out. My own worst enemy. 100-70 FL

Round 2FerengiKeith MorrisFW (0)View opponent's Report
Wow, what a first round pairing and now I gotta sit down with Keith for my second match?! How did this happen? Keith was playing this crazy Ferengi deck that can get potentially 40+ counters on turn two, which is just insane. I had a solid opening draw and was just chugging along like "The Klingon Train" does... He gets his three high cost peeps into play to get his extra counter's and has 8 total in play at the time of his first attempt. Fished out a TT with Not Easily Avoided and picked up six dilemma's... I gave him a combo of Tragic Turn, Unfair Terms and Biochemical Hyperacceleration... I pulled a perfect three for Unfair Terms and was able to kill four, and Biochemical tossed the other two back to hand. He already had a huge hand so he had to pitch down to seven which was also nice. Attempted with six and six were dead, ship stranded with two high cost peeps on it and no more extra counter's, pretty successful first mission defense for me! The rest of the game was pretty much straightforward... I attempted through his dilemma pile and he tried to rebuild his forces.. His deck is somewhat of a one-trick pony(especially since he had no In A Mirror Darkly,) with the extra counter's coming from discarding equipment and exhausting events. 100-0

Round 3RomulanIan ParmenterFW (0)
Ian was playing a Romulan FSE deck. He built the deck the night before and proclaimed the day of the tourney, "I predict a last place finish in this tourney, as I went to print the card's off for the rest of the deck and found out my printer had no more ink." I told him to run his Holding Cell deck, but he went with this one instead. The game was pretty straight forward, I think I Krugel'd :) his ship early on and just blasted my way through to the two mission kill fairly quickly. All the time I'm looking over at Kris' game hoping he will falter, so I can maybe sneak in for a win at the end of the day. FW 100-30 ? Can't remember exactly...

Round 4KlingonMatthew HayesFW (0)View opponent's Report
Mirror Match!! I love it.. Matt did exactly what he should've done in this tournament, he went for the neck. The only problem is that he was playing with a deck that he hadn't playtested. The thing about decks... you have to refine them over time to make them in to a well oiled machine. One go through with a deck will only help to expose it's flaws or likewise strengths. His deck had All Out War in it(Jealous :s) and the typical Call to Arms and Pew Pew Event's... My deck was more fine tuned then his and goal driven on two mission kill as his was a three mission deck. I drew into Energize and Rhezenko early, which pretty much meant GG. I get to snatch up anything I want and bully'd my way through my mission's fairly quickly... dropped the 3 B'ahtQul's on him and busted my Hurried Departure, an AWC for some flavor and Bam! FW 100-10... he did blow up one of my ships after two Damage Dilemma's and a ping from his IKC Rotarran. Unfortunately, LORE never missed a beat for the rest of the day, I was the only person to even give him an actual scare... I voted five round's at the beginning of the day, I wanted to play everyone that was there... I know it's crazy, but I love playing this game. Looking back on the tourney I feel good about my performance. I could've won the game I lost, I just misplayed it, so I'll go back home, practice and build some more... and hopefully win the next time I play against Kris... shoot ... :)