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Jody Lamb (joedlaw)
Tournament Report - 2E Infinite Diversity Draft
2011-03-26 - 10:00 AM
45 minute round's here... wtf. can't even play the game in 45 minutes... I'm all for this format, but rushing through the rounds after a 2 and 1/2 hour draft and deck building window overall made the tourney not fun for me. I got upset after my first game... I don't think this game can be played in an hour sometimes... So less than that is just irritating as heck... No more draft's for me unless we allocate draft and deck build time limits.

Round 1DS9Jerad BerhowML (0)View opponent's Report
This game was crazy close, and I was mostly screwed by time. I was only able to draft one HQ because I passed on Bajoran and DS9 HQ's early on.. That was a bad move on my part. Lookin back, DS9 woulda been an awesome draft choice. It would've been cool to actually take this game to an hour of playtime. 35-40 L

Round 2ByeBY (0)
I don't know if it was because Jerad had just delivered me my 4th loss out of 5 tourney games or what it was... but I was pissed off after our game... I seriously was... When I went home later in the day, my daughter says to me, "Dad, you should take a break from the game if it's making you mad." She is right... but I love this game. I need to be a better sport when it comes to this game...

Round 3TNGMatthewScott DaleMW (0)
This match was a blur to me, I was not really thinking about Trek at this point and I was just wanted to get back home and hang out with my kiddo. I won after 45 minutes.. Again, this is not enough time to play a game of STCCG. Super fun drafting cards and building a deck with them.. That was the best part for me really. I wish I woulda drafted DS9 though.... won't make that mistake again.