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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E
2018-01-07 - 12:00 PM
BajoranTNGKira gets the point
After being absent for 10 long years, I finally got my hands on a STCCG 2E collection and the voyage of reuniting with the old crew began. So 4 of us boarded a BMW shuttle and warped about 330 kilometers (202 O´Brians) to Vienna. My mission was "Establish contact with fellow enthusiasts" and "Get beaten by using an old deck and learn a lot".

Round 1CardassianStefan SlabyFL (-60)
Oh, great, first round against a former world champion. Well, here I could feel the boot from my bottom up to my chin, but also learn a lot of stuff. Stefan had a very cool Cardassian capture deck, but I managed to earn 40 points before my personnel went on permanent holidays in prison cells. I was amazed by the new CC cards and the interactions a master like Stefan could squeeze out of them.

Round 2TNGJeronimo Mitaroff-SzecsenyiTT (0)
I met Jeronimo a few days earlier in Arnold Schwarzenegger´s home city where I was on a short holiday. A nice guy with a mean deck. Oh boy, he swarmed me with personnel. After two solved missions and bonus points we were both proper beaten by our dilemma piles and as the time passed we ended with exactly the same points. Here again, a lot of new CC cards and good combinations.

Round 3TNGHelmuth AubergerMW (+35)
I know this guy from 1994 when we both began with STCCG, so it would be a tough call. And he is the driver of our shuttle, so I can´t win easily without being left behind in Vienna. Like Jeronimo he swarmed with personnel and used the Enterprise to score a lot of bonus points by stopping 6 guys. My deck was a little bit faster though, so I solved two missions before the time out. I needed just one more turn to solve the last mission with 5 overcome dilemmas, but the time ended in his turn just in the moment as his last action was done.

Round 4BajoranJean-Pierre SpendierMW (+65)
JPS has always good ideas when it comes to deck building and unfortunately he did it again. It was tough playing against him because he had a lot of experience. But he also was absent for about 3 years before I could reactivate my old buddy. He drew and discarded lots of cards, manipulating his discard pile with Opaka so he had tons of options to choose from. But when he faced "Secret Identity" he shuffled his hand into his draw deck and amused all the tournament participants. That was a laugh, oh my! After a warning we both agreed he could draw random cards from his deck to refill his hand and bribe me with a cigarette LOL. Without that "lack of brains" he would possibly have achieved a victory, but so it was a modified win for me as his dilemma deck was a real pain in the butt.

Round 5TOSMartin FelberTT (0)
With Martin I played with all guys in our shuttle. Classic Federation guys really have tons of options when they are played. And Martin used them masterfully. I got stopped all the time, being forced to attempt missions with at least 6 personnel ... crap! So I lost precious time on that. In the meanwhile he also solved 2 missions and as with Jeronimo, the game ended with a true tie. Ok, I could cheat here, but I didn´t. And so I reminded him of 5 bonus points he earned, but forgot to calculate into the end result.

Closing Thoughts
A lot has changed since my absence 10 years ago. But still old cards are viable. My concern was that CC cards would be too dominant an collecting printed Decipher cards would be without any sense. But in the end they are still good. Yes, all the brilliant magic plays around the CC cards. But in my deck I had only 3 copies of a CC dilemma and the rest was old school. The game is still fun to play. If I could reach it, I could bite my butt for quitting STCCG back then, but I had no choice. In the end I´m here again and I thirst for more. Big thanks to the other 9 participants of this glorious event and the organisation, you did a great job. I´m looking forward to playing a lot more of STCCG.