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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E
2018-05-06 - 12:00 PM
KlingonKlingon Hello
My secont tournament after 10 years pause and I decided to go for a Red Klingon Aggro deck. Actually it wasn´t so aggro, but I had to test some stuff.

Round 1DS9-EarthJulius MelhardtMW (+65)
Paranoia filled the air as I threatened Julius with my Engagements. But the S31 under Luther Sloane grinned dirty and kept me from building up my war machine. In the end Julius risked it in one of my mission attempts and had to pay the price. It was very, very close though. If he hadn´t made that one mistake, it would have ended differently.

Round 2VoyagerNon-AlignedHell's HeartStefan SlabyML (-40)
HAH!! Watch the Genetically Enhanced Voyager cowards fear for their ships. Damn you B´Ellana for removing the critical damage card. Stefan stopped 7 of my mission attempts which frustrated me very much. In the end he risked it in the last 2 turns and completed a mission. Dammit, but it was worth watching Steve sweat!! XD

Round 3Hell's HeartPeter MachovitsML (-30)
Genetical Enhancments all over the place. And due to some mistakes on my behalf I lost the game pretty early. But ok, now I know the strength of those Khan groopies and I´ll be prepared for the next match against Arik´s fanboyz.

Round 4ByeBY (0)
Well, at least I got some time to sort the rest of the cards I got to (almost) complete my collection.

Round 5Non-AlignedMichael AlbrechtFW (+100)
Infestation dilemma piles are great, but my Klingons were faster then my dear opponents Thieves.

Closing Thoughts
My second STCCG tournament after the 10 years pause and my first full win since then. Regarding the location, Felbers HQ is just great. As great as the participants to which I would like to thank very much for an entertaining sunday. LLAP