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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E - Borg Region Regional
2018-05-27 - 12:00 PM
DS9Gundam Raffa Style
My first attempt on making a broken speed solver. Unfortunately I had just a few hours sleep and a 7,5 hours trip to the tournament location. Already in the first round I made horrible mistakes which was true for almost every game. This included wrong calculations on counters, playing wrong personnel, making stupid mission attempts. But it showed me that the deck was not so bad. Far from perfect, but the engine worked.

Round 1BajoranCardassianMichael AlbrechtFL (-65)
Things went well and I had my whole deck down on turn 6. But Michael is a experienced player and somehow he managed to solve his 3 missions in one single turn. Something he achieved in 3 out of 5 games. Dear Michael, you deserved to win the tournament. Well done.

Round 2TOSMartin FelberMW (+5)
Oh boy, Martin stopped a lot of my mission attempts, but in the last round of the game ( we both had 35 points ) he couldn´t meet the requirements on "Key to the Alpha Quadrant" and that was a win for me.

Round 3DS9Julius MelhardtMW (+35)
It was an honor to hear from Julius that he was very surprised by my deck. He also had a "rainbow deck" but he admitted that mine was far more effective. To hear that from an experienced player like him, really did make me proud. Basically this was a mirror deck game, but mine was faster. That´s the only reason I won.

Round 4CardassianStarfleetStefan SlabyMW (+30)
Steves broken deck is discussed in the forum right now. If you are reading this some time later, here the link: https://www.trekcc.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=35637 Stevie wonder killed, killed, grinned and killed some more. At the end of the game I had 11 personnel left. Out of 34!! The only thing saving my butt was dropping more guys than he could kill with speed at my side. So I could make some mission attempts and score points for the win.

Round 5StarfleetPeter MachovitsFL (-30)
I am such a dumb *BEEP*. Tired as a dog in a house full of cats I had difficulties keeping my eyes open. I forgot to use my personnel´s abilities to share skills and got unnecessary stopped too often. Attempts with personnel who couldn´t solve the missions broke my game completely. In the last turn I could have won the game easily, but I wasn´t able to see 5 dilemmas under the mission and 5 guys who could solve it. Oh boy, I´m such a jerk!!

Closing Thoughts
And another tournament which was full of glory. On the board as well as regarding my opponents. I must say I like each and every one of the STCCG community here. My greatest enemy was being so tired after 4 hours sleep and 7,5 hours traveling. That enemy won, but it was still a memorable and great weekend with the most lovely people to spend my time with. More sleep next time, my dear fellow enthusiasts.