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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E
2018-09-23 - 12:30 PM
CardassianRomulanThirty dirty Dissidents
I haven´t played dissidents ... ever ... time to try them.

Round 1KlingonPeter MachovitsFW (+65)
I got my whole deck out pretty early and managed to stop Peter effectively on his mission attempts. He unfortunately had bad luck on drawing his dilemmas, so I got lucky and went almost undamaged through the missions.

Round 2VoyagerStefan SlabyFL (-100)
To my shame, I admit I didn´t understand the concept of Stefans deck. And when I finally realised it, it was too late. Stefan, btw. is a young god, when it comes to placing as little dilemmas under the missions as possible. Damn you, Steve, well done!

Round 3StarfleetJulius MelhardtFL (-60)
I should have won against Julius without any problems, but his wife and dog distracted me ... ok, that was a lie. Julius beat me with almost no effort, he even (basically) donated me a solved mission.

Round 4BajoranJosef LembergerFL (-40)
HURRAY! One of my most favourite players. I like this guy, a fair and nice player. We both had a bad start with our card draws, but he managed to recover faster and way more effective, so he definately deserves the win.

Closing Thoughts
And another great tournament with great people. I finally met Josef again, at the fourth tournament after my comeback. The dissidents can really rock. They got some nice cards. And once I find out how to level the playing field, I will come up with something interesting. Cheers Nerdo