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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E
2018-10-14 - 12:30 PM
MaquisMaquis Danger Zone
Time to take a look at the Maquis. On the road to the tournament alone it was confirmed that taking the Maquis was a good decision. Fog everywhere! It was like hiding in a nebula, like a real Maquis would do.

Round 1TNGJulius MelhardtFL (-100)
Julius had a lot of event desctruction going on, including an attribute booster. That made my dilemma pile almost useless. But he on the other hand was very efficient on his dilemmas, so he definately earned the full win.

Round 2TNGMartin FelberMW (+40)
My dilemmas were better in this game, although Martin saved a lot of them with his legion of Medicals. I could get rid of his attribute booster. Unfortunately he made a mistake during my mission attempt, so I solved a mission too early. Dammit, I needed those 5 extra points for the 100. So it was a modified win with 95. Still, Martin played the rest in a very solid manner.

Round 3VoyagerStefan SlabyMW (+45)
Stefan had bad luck that I played the clown bitter medicine and not easily taken. That´s a total of -3 on all treachery personnels´ attributes. So I could prevent him from completing missions (and killed some of those treacherous bastards, LOL). I also knew he is the master of dilemma minimizing, so I needed 6 attempts to solve a mission. In the end a tough modified win against a very strong player.

Closing Thoughts
The Maquis have some interesting schenanigans. First time I tried them out, and they were pretty neat. That demilitarized zone thing is really cool. Well done on the design! Can´t wait to unleash them again. So far Steve 3, Nerdo 2 and the decks which won against the grandmaster were DS9 and Maquis.