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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E - Austrian National
2018-12-16 - 12:00 PM
BorgThe Win95 virus
Lets see how the Borg do ... plan is to discard a lot and use it for dilemma purposes.

Round 1StarfleetJosef LembergerMW (+30)
Josef got stuck on the first mission, but my guys didn´t do well on my attempts.

Round 2BorgMichael AlbrechtFL (-65)
As usual Michael solves the first mission and then picks up the other two en passant. Damn high attributes.

Round 3StarfleetPeter MachovitsML (-35)
Peter discarded my whole hand and took my possibilities for screwing up his mission attempts.

Round 4KlingonJulius MelhardtFL (-65)
Oh boy, Julius´ first mission attempt was filled with unusuable dilemmas on my behalf. And he destroyed my unexpected difficulties. The other two mission attempts he went through like a pro, already anticipating what I would do.

Round 5ByeBY (0)
... well, that was easy ...

Closing Thoughts
My dilemma pile is way to vulnerable. Doesn´t work entirely as I planned. But it was so fun to meet a german player. Mate, if you are reading this, thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your company very much. Cheers