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Nerdopolis Prime (Nerdopolis Prime)
Tournament Report - 2E
2019-12-01 - 12:00 PM
RomulanRomulan boosterdraft with 23 achievements
For fun and achievement purposes only, I went to Vienna to have lots of giggles instead of trying to win.

Round 1CardassianStefan SlabyFL (-100)
Stefan "Skilltracker" Slaby had no idea anymore which skills were in my away team. That was a blast. Both of us had fun moments and bright smiles on our faces.

Round 2ByeBY (0)
Dr. Bye stood no chance.

Round 3DS9Michael AlbrechtFL (-100)
The complete randomness in my dilemma pile stopped Mike several times and produced tons of face palms. Wonderful.

Round 4CardassianMartin FelberFL (-100)
Most of the times Martin is deeply concentrated in the games. But today he wore a cool grin and enjoyed our game and the good old cards.

Closing Thoughts
This deck was a blast from the past and gave us so many fun moments and laughter. Playing this deck was really a good idea. I enjoyed it very much. And my dear opponents too, not only because of their win. I havent had so much fun in a STCCG game for years.