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Mathew McCalpin (Keiimaster)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-02-10 - 09:00 AM
FederationKLoews But No Cigar
My first Online tournament. I played a modified version of Greg Dillon's (Latok) AUCC deck. I Added Pegasus Search and These are the Voyages with Chef setting up Holoprogram: Cafe des Artistes for bonus draws from Sergey & Helena, Worf & and Jadzia, and Julian Bashir & Sarina. I also added Guinan and splashed in to dual VIPs for Diplomatic Conference.

Round 1KlingonMaquisKCATerranPopeFL (-30)View opponent's Report
Kirk: Klingon bastard! You killed my Duck Blind! Pope had a really active fun Klingon deck. We danced around, and I was able to get a few mission in before he hit 100.

Round 2Ensign qFL (-46)
Pretty Standard SFC deck. I knew it was coming and I accomplish what I could before all my Fed got dusted by Thanos' snap! I got a few bonus points by mining. I was able to keep pace with his drawing, but he used Scorched Hand often even scorching us both.

Round 3Niall MatthewFW (+100)
Sadly, this game did not take place.

Closing Thoughts
Due to it's overall performance I named it KLoews But No Cigar as a pun on Karen Loews, my turn one Support Personal DL. See you in the March Dojo.