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Mathew McCalpin (Keiimaster)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-06-01 - 09:00 AM
BorgTNG Borg Three of Six
This is my second iteration of TNG Borg. Only minor changes to the deck but very different outcome. I attribute this to the caliber of opponents and the unlucky draws.

Round 1ChristianFL (-65)
660+ card Draw Deck. Nice mix of TOS and modern Fed with a splash of NA Androids. First turn Sergey and Helena and a Def Homeworld DL'd Worf and Jadzia means he was out drawing me by 2 cards every turn right off the bat with his Cafe. I just could not keep up despite how quickly TNG Borg can start out and that is one of the major things I am endeavoring to fix in version Three.

Round 2StarfleetSebastian KirsteinFL (-65)
400 card Draw Deck, where to begin? Well in an unorthodox move, he placed all of downloadable cards into his ref pile in an effort to speed up the downloads. This means he will never suffer from drawing them, but to try to make things fair, he revealed the ref pile to me so I could peruse them all at my leisure. I am not certain this is a fair trade off, but I don't really think it made much difference in the outcome of our game. The massive drawing and nearly every turn Temporal Almanac combined with an early Cytherians hit before I got Q of Borg out results in a cube shuttle run for minimal points. Good game!

Round 3RomulanNiall MatthewML (-15)
Niall made very strong use of Live Long and Prosper to draw cards despite my early Quinn of one of his Strategic Sectors. This one seemed that it could go either way, but time ran out with Niall the victor. As always a pleasure to play Niall.

Closing Thoughts
I thought the deck did well over all, but my opponents did better. Big changes are coming to TNG Borg Three of Three to mitigate some of the draw issues.