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Corbin Johnson (Corbinq27)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
2011-09-06 - 01:00 PM
Klingon7 uxbridge
Solid players and solid gameplay. Hard fought games in each round. Very happy to have played. It was almost like playing a whole different Star Trek. In fact, in general, it was a very unique format because of the new rules with the old but errattaed cards. Star Trek would have been a very interesting game in 1994 if this had been how it was played. No uber-cheese other than the dreaded Time Travel Pod. My 7 (six actually) Uxbridge strategy served me well in all games but my last one when my opponent never played a single event! ugh! 6 planet missions was very popular as well. AU should be an interesting add in the next tournament in the series.

Round 1Meinhard S. RohrFW (+10)
This was nearly a mirror match. my klingons versus his. Unfortunately, my opponent did not play Red Alert, so I did not get to pull off my use your red alert and then kevin it trick. Mogh went for a very early mission attempt and scored 10 off of his self seeded barclays with Vekor and random securty klingon. he managed to get 20 points from his game this way. We both seeded explore typhone expanse, study hole in space, explore black cluster, and reported activity. When Mogh went for typhone early on, I was going to wait for him to possibly clear it for me, but it was not to be and he ended up solving it. I on the other hand sent everyone to secret salvage and got birth of juniored and cytherianed. I sucked that ship up to hand rather than wait around for a few turns. I was also worried I might get battled. I had 6 kevins in my hand near the end but I did luckily got to kill a Res-Q. Eventually, the game came down to him with 90 points and me with 65. I had decked and he had 2 cards left in his deck. I had solved two space missions and needed a plant to secure the win. I had Cargo Rendezvous 9 span away from my outpost. I got on my Vorcha and had about 8 people on the ship. If Q had shown up, my game would be over. I sent down Ja’Rod on his own to attempt. He saw a shaka and was stopped. Thankfully, I had gowron and Kurn with me and enough cunning but I’d have to send everyone else including my mission solvers to attempt. We all beam down to get out of Shaka. Armus decided to randomly kill Nu’Daq and afterwords, I hit an Archer (no issue) and then... anaphasic Organism. I luckily lost no one and had medical and security for both. I solved barely with Roga danar, karak and int > 30. If I didn’t solve right then Mogh would have won. I don’t think I’ve ever played a closer game of star trek!

Round 2Christopher CoyleFW (+55)
A federation vs. Klingon matchup that was very well matched. My opponent managed to get an early solve of diplomacy mission to get a time travel pod out somewhat early. The pod went on my ship that contained Dr. Reyga who was about ready to solve explore typhone expanse. That shut down that solve for 5 turns. geek had nearly solved a Study Hole in Space that we had both seeded until a Tsichovky could not be cured because it immuno-supressed Vekor’s first listed skill of medical. This meant that Beverly Crusher would have to beam over to assist the plauge ship next and then his own seeded Barclay’s did him in with no remaining medical. Ouch! This cleared the mission for me and I went and solved typhone and hole in the same turn (In the Zone anyone?) We had a battle of omnipotent proportion. His traveler was not cool by my standards so I kevin’ed it until it was Q2ed! I played a second Kevin (6 in the deck) and he Q2’ed that! Ugh! I let him traveler for 2 turns but I wasn’t going to stand for it! He later played an espionage Fed on Klingon on some Klingon mission so I had a choice to make: I had an unstaffable Vor’Cha hanging out where my Time Travel Pod’ed K’vort was. My 3rd Vor’cha had earlier been cytherianed and Birth of Junior’ed so it had been destroyed. I could toff for kevin or the ship knowing that my only other way to get my k’vort was a Res-Q in the deck. I decided to palor for the Kevin and kevin the espionage as I thought this was urgent. It was not nullified and the espionage card went away. On my next turn, I res-Q’ed for the Vor’Cha and... and... and... Ohhhh! Nothing happened! I got the Vor’Cha back! woo! I got very lucky I think. I now had to solve a planet. I got my 10 or so guys on my Vor’Cha and went to the Nav + 2 Honor planet. I was very scared of whatever could be there so I redshirted like no other! I sent down Betor to take one for the empire. She hit a firestorm and died shortly thereafter. Next up was my Nav Leadership guy (Kavada?) and he his a Female’s love interest and... well... wasn’t interested for some reason (go figure)! Next up was an Armus and so he submitted to the black pool of goo. I had a feeling Matriarchal was next, but to be save I still sent down only one person, Kurak. Indeed it was matriarchial but I guess that the society didn’t think only one very strong female klingon was enough to check out their society. Oh well. I did have two Vekor’s back on the ship so I knew they could elbow their way in. I solved with 2 vekors, A Gowron, and Kurn for the game. I think had that barclay’s not put the pinch on the federation the game would have been over then and there. It was a well fought game!

Round 3KlingonRem BoonFW (0)
Somewhat of a mirror match. My opponent was playing 6 planets (all showing 35 points!) though which was a little worrisome. I bluffed my space dilemmas under his missions but I thankfully had erred on putting more planet than space dilemmas in my deck. I combo’ed to protect against redshirting and my matriarchials managed to slow down bolian for for quite some time. I even managed to use his red alert and then kevin it! I also kevined all the events he played in his game including some kivases. At one point I solved 2 planets and one space for 105 points but I hadn’t solved a non-fed mission yet! do’h! His next turn, Boolean solved 3 planet missions and got his time travel pod out on one of my critical ships. I don’t have any anti-interrupt tech in my deck so I thought I was hosed. Thankfully, he hit a female’s and a tarrelian plauge ship and his only medical was whisked off by some charming lover. I got very lucky when a crew of 5 or 6 died. It gave me the time I needed so that with no cards left in his deck and only 1 (!!!) left in mine, I swooped in to solve secret salvage for the needed no fed mission. Holy crap. That was the most tense, closest game of 1E i’ve ever played. Great game!

Round 4RomulanPaddy TyeFL (-65)View opponent's Report
My only Romulan opponent. Kazon was not afraid and never redshirted. He also TTP’ed me to take the V in our game. next turn I would have been able to win. So it was a very close game. I actually imagine that if his TTP hadn’t been sucessful he wouldn’t have waited around and would have simply won earlier. Kazon PADD was also playing all planets. very popular in this format. He won 175 to 35. only managed to eek out one planet mission. Kazon had the best deck of all of my opponents.