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Ensign q (Ensign Q)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2020-12-07 - 12:00 AM
BorgRomulanBorg on a Duck Blind
after tons of unsuccesful iterations of (full) borg solver, I concede and switch to tng borg. sad

Round 1HirogenJoseph WisniewskiFW (+100)
cant remember much. i think he put me on romulan and might have seeded wrong. he also decides not to kill my teacher borg, because he is unexperienced with the interaction. that basically saves me like 3 turns.

Round 2Edwin LatrellMW (+5)
dominion with no beam ins. i think at one point he decides to ship battle me, although tng borg doesnt probe, but i engage faster having downloaded eliminate starship on an earlier turn, which he missed. i flip 2 "Crimson Forcefield". great. my attack only damages him, instead of blowing him apart. bummer. might just cut the BBD. Then it was actually a FW because he calls game after a plagueship trigger,before ever finishing his turn, so i dont get to finish my last objective for 100. I overlooked that while reporting and sent in the 65-60 gamestate first. unfortunately Latrell also forgets his concession, so i only get a MW.

Round 3RomulanNon-AlignedMichael Van BreemenFW (+1)View opponent's Report
he is drone room romulans and starts digging into space missions early. unaffected by M-113 Creature (only human has no empathy), he is stopped by The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey and Hippocratic Oath elsewhere. after reporting a bunch of medics he solves the first space and then the second. i think with some points from ams he reaches 100. now he needs a planet but decides to dig into a third space aiming for 140 points. a medic staffs a drone, so he passes HO., easily passes Recurring Injury, but then -bam, my medic drain pays off. Plague Ship. he cant reallocate another medic, because all medics sit in the drone room and so everybody with empathy dies now, stops the mission attempt on the spot and kills a ton of medics (with empathy). next turn I solve for 100. gg.

Closing Thoughts
borg werent actually often on the duckblind, since most of the time i needed them to staff ship early and then was unable to beam them down (solved objective) great teacher was sometimes great but often just the borg who got filtered first. (i went P-S-S) P-P-S might be better to safely share skills and staff duck blind. relentless, which i dont run seems completely unneccessary and often even more of a downside having to attempt with 3 drones. implants dont fit tngborg anyway though. tng borg is more competitive than it first looked to me, but id prefer to have a competitive full borg solver. deck building is much more interesting, due to tons of moving parts. apparently the borg are kinda overlooked because battle borg is strong.