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Ensign q (Ensign Q)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2021-10-08 - 12:00 AM
Im Back with borg. Obviously ;) unfortunately nobody got time to test my alternatives, so tng borg it is. Its my best deck anyway.

Round 1BajoranSebastian KirsteinFW (+100)
nothing extraordinary happens, i quickly solve my missions, while sepp hits dead end and abandons an edo probe elsewhere. Sepp is trying to pull off the Qflash thing, but fails to do so because my lower deck drones have Integrity>15 and just adapt the second try.

Round 2BajoranJames HeaneyFW (+100)
James brings his Worlds deck and so i know I need a Quinn before scouting any missions. we share Save Stranded Crew, so I redshirt there first. Then I tent for a Quinn and solve a Space. Not much happens until I draw into a Quinn in my last 10 cards, so I can scout the final mission where I dodge another Qcombo and hit Cytherians. On my way down the spaceline James attacks for the lulz, but I can just Regenerate. Tenting for Where no One brings me back to my final mission quickly for the 100. To be fair, at worlds Id probably walked into the trap, unless Id already drew a Quinn. I certainly wouldnt have tented one.

Round 3RomulanFederationMichael Van BreemenFW (+15)
so there he is, the fastest player in the universe. the spaceline is unfortunate for me, as i cant start at one of my missons. turn 3 i start scouting at space and get my cube blown up by silent enemy. ff:r saves the day and i just have a better cube now. either way, i didnt expect such aggressive dilemma play skillfully mvb dodges my dead end(s) and clears a space. i have disrupted continuum for ankari spirits which delays solving another turn. meanwhile i clear a second space. mvb decides to ignore edo probe and runs into a ththf for -12 and -10 points. nevertheless he solves a second mission. i move to my last mission, planet and scout. i dont remember whats been there, i think friendly fire, which misses a day for the win.

Round 4BajoranDominionBrian SykesFL (-70)
Armus is prepared to face borg and puts cytherians under my starting position. so first turn i yolo it and start a race down the spaceline. that gives armus enough turns to assemble a bunch of small teams with ships to crack open his missions. I got to solve my Tarchannen but got stuck during my 2nd mission.

Closing Thoughts
deck is a well oiled machine right now and without new cards, i dont see major changes.

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