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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2018-04-14 - 12:00 AM
KlingonThe Memer and the Meme
This tournament was fun!

Round 1Starfleetsascha kieferFW (+100)
Sascha had a lot of trouble getting through his space mission, failing twice to attrition. For the third attempt, I considered throwing one of my Uninviteds, just to try to draw some removal away from my Clutterings, but I just didn't have anything to pull with it in space. Instead I drew a V'Ger that hit naked, though I was wrong about what skills he was missing (which worked out well, if he'd been missing the Diplomacy instead of the Exobiology, he would've been able to cheat it). Then the V'Ger did the job of protecting my interrupts anyways!

On my side of things, I solved Provoke in one shot because The Weak hit one of the two weakest guys in the six person team - thus allowing me to dodge the Dreamer and the Dream. In fact, the Vorn Boost was instrumental in solving at least two of my missions. I never ended up needing Cluttering, though it turns out he never had prevention to hit me with anyways.

Round 2BajoranCardassianMichael Van BreemenFL (-35)
The biggest difference here is that Michael had Interrupt prevention and I didn't. Mila was the MVP here, as she was able to block my cheating attempts, while Michael's went largely unmolested.

It didn't help that I completely didn't play around The Central Command for his first mission attempt, and he used one to breeze through the Alternatives to Fighting I gave him (and then he retrieved it with Ocett). He then lost that copy to Swashbuckler followed by a Secret Identity to shuffle it back into his deck, but in short order he drew it (and others) back up. He then solved two missions in one turn when he Milaed my Uninvited and double Centralled his last mission.

I did give him a run for his money with Cluttering Irrelevancies and Bridge Officer's test, which allowed me to bust through a "Rapid Progress" despite his other Mila's antics. I don't think I had the Vorn until late in the game, but I don't think I missed it too much either - usually I'd fail because of skills on Michael's dilemmas rather than the attributes on my personnel.

Round 3DominionGreg DillonFW (+25)
Despite playing more expensive people, Greg got off to a slightly faster start than I did, in large part due to the free draws he got with Borath. It still took him three attempts to solve in space; a naked Archaic Snare on attempt two meant he had to attempt the third time without returning for reinforcements. Torga dropped in only two attempts, which meant that he solved two before I'd even solved one.

Provoke was a disaster this game. I had too many NA personnel out, which meant that the Vorn's text kept shutting off, but also K'wov kept losing his leadership (the lack of which prevented the solve twice when I otherwise would have had the attributes). And actually, the Vorn's text prevented the solve once when it made the total integrity for 3 people odd for that Chula dilemma. However, this was likely good for me, because if I'd solved earlier than I did, I would have lost 10-15 points from the Founder HQ and Torga, when I can only afford to lose 5 (10 if I solve Brute with only Klingons).

My next two missions took only two attempts each, in part due to the Vorn, and in part due to unstoppable Lore (Qatai was out and active, but never selected). However, Greg hit me with a Dreamer at one of those fails, pitching two Uninviteds that had been making me feel a bit comfortable. On my last attempt (after I'd killed four with one under at Empok and Greg was feeling a little time pressure), he gave me my first skill wall of the tournament, Unwanted Guests. I was all excited to use Silik and Cluttering, and even played a Cluttering before I realized that all I needed to do was use Chang's ability.

Closing Thoughts
Brian asked me for my thoughts on HoF after the event, and here's what I told him: I'm not big on limited formats, but as far as limited formats go, HoF is fine. The ban list is so small that I can still play silly stuff and have fun - the scope of the Trek card universe still feels big. I still prefer complete, but if I'm going to play in a limited format, it's HoF for me.