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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E
2018-10-14 - 12:00 PM
I've always loved Tongo shenanigans with Winn, so when I saw Nathan Miracle's version that adds Cardassia for Kotra, I knew I had to try it. Then the Chairman's Challenge came up, and I thought it would be pretty fun to use the Q missions in a triple-HQ deck. You do need to be a bit more careful to play around greasy Dukat without Metron Arena, and I did miss the 2-span in space, but the personnel recursion was pretty nice for this deck.

Round 1FerengiBob GeisFW (+100)
Bob used his Feast on the Dying early to get key personnel who had been milled, but then I milled both of his ships, which kind of ended the game. He was able to shut off Kotra points by drawing his whole deck, but couldn't hold me off of solving two missions for long enough.

Round 2Terok NorChris MorseFW (+60)View opponent's Report
At the last tournament, I mentioned that I was working my way through the multi-HQ achievements, so Morse brought Provoke Interstellar Incident and all the Children of Time. Unfortunately, we both forgot the double turn, and the most impactful one (Odo) was buried. I'd also counted on not seeing dilemma mill with Q's Planet decks around, so I was a little worried for my 24 card pile. He didn't mill Interstellar Exigence and WNOHGB though, so that combo sent him on a trip twice and gave me the time I needed to win (which was accomplished through a double deck-out).

Round 3TNGChris O'ConnellFW (+95)
O'Connell was also not a fan of Interstellar Exigence into WNOHGB, but Arridor gaining One's skills (after placing him on top with Winn, and attempting before Tongo) gave him perhaps the bigger headache. Chris was running a skill-based Conscience of the King pile, and at Q's Planet Arridor + One seemed to have almost all the skills his dilemmas required. Also, Comfort Women + Parek did some heavy lifting at both missions, so being able to recur it with Kira and Ranjen Koral was pretty nice.

Closing Thoughts
This deck is fun to play!