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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Day One
2014-08-15 - 09:00 AM
CardassianOnly On Account of Villainy v2
While a tragic-weak deck was perhaps not the correct choice for day one, it ended up being the correct choice for me. Because I knew the deck inside and out, no matter how tired (or, towards the end of the day, manic) I got, I always knew what the deck's plans, contingency plans, and tricks were.

Round 1FerengiNon-AlignedJD_AshleyFW (+100)
I'd met JD at a local 1e event that he and Rogue crashed late last year, and it was good to see him again. I was concerned that I'd had to start at space without a single Central Command (this deck typically has at least one by then, usually two or three), but it turned out that the Comfort Women were what I really needed anyways. JD's thieves were slow to start (I believe he also had trouble finding a ship), but though this game ended quickly, JD and I continued to have fun for the rest of the weekend (Go team Ratings Pinata!)

Round 2RelativityJason BeyerFL (-35)
Tragic without deck support (ALC, Rom discard, All-Out War) is not an auto-loss for my deck, but it does make for a tough game. What made this one tougher is I did not anticipate seeing much Relativity with my dilemma pile. The racial theme to it let me down here, but I did at least manage to stay in the game until the very end. No Central Command in space again here was weird, but it wasn't going to be useful against Tragic anyways.

Round 3RelativityPhil SchraderFL (-70)
If Relativity plays rough with my pile, Naomi-centric Relativity is a hard counter to it. Worse, this was the third game in a row with no Central Command in space - just one would have made space a one shot, wasting a The Game and getting a Bre'Nan under my next mission. Still, while attrition is what this Cardassian deck was made to eat, the piecemeal nature of the stops makes Chula the best attrition pile to play against it. This loss could have been very frustrating, but it was against Phil, and we once again had a great time, laughing throughout. With a light heart, after this round I went off to buy a ticket for the ID Draft playtest, which would be a great consolation prize for not making day two - I was certain that that would be the outcome, sitting here at 1-2 after three rounds.

Round 4RelativityEric BiecheFW (+30)
Oh boy, more Relativity. Fortuantely, Eric ran Naomi-light Relativity paired with a standard attrition pile, so I had a chance. Even better, my deck started to work correctly again (in countless games and playtests, I'd never had three games in a row without a single Central in space). While it was still a close game, I managed to break my relativity loss-streak, and could take comfort in pulling up to an even record.

Round 5DS9Tyler FultzFW (+90)
When I heard my pairing for round 5, I was shocked that I'd been paired against Tyler when I was at 2-2. Sure enough, he was at 3-1, and I'd been paired up. I girded myself for a loss, simply excited to be playing against one of those intensely creative deckbuilders I'd been following online. Then I started playing, and the deck started working exactly the way it has been for me for years. 2x Central 2x Comfort ready in space, Centralled an Optical Delusion and passed a Gomtuu without cheaters, stopped once on my planet. Tyler was still working on getting his no-stops crew together, and I Centralled through my first planet and was stopped once at my third. Still unable to find his Cell or some At What Costs, I Ocetted for a third Central and won. After the way this tournament started, winning this game was a huge rush, though I felt bad about underselling myself at the start of the round and then winning.

Round 6RomulanNeil TimmonsFL (-70)View opponent's Report
Neil's Romulan discard deck was one of those decks that I made the conscious tactical decision to not try to build a counter for. I doubted anyone else would play it, and he's got enough game that I doubted he'd play it day 2. I wasn't shocked he was playing it day 1 though, and was not surprised at all that I lost to it, my deck is just too thin. I was only able to play enough personnel to solve one mission before I was decked (I was one person shy of solving 2 missions, a potential timed win scenario). We both had fun in this game, joking about Evek being my last guy alive: "Guys? Hello? Where'd everyone go?? I'm so lonely..."

Edit: "Lucas is a guy from Boston, who plays in the group that Len built." Them's fightin' words, Timmons.

Round 7RomulanBen HospFW (+100)
Ben was also playing Romulan discard, but he took too long getting his engine together. I simply was able to play too many personnel and my dilemma pile was able to hold him off for too long. It felt really good to beat a Tragic pile.

Round 8TNGGeoffery PetersonFW (+95)
I consider being the only person who beat the day one Berlin Wall by playing Assimilation before it was widely considered to me good to be one of the coolest things to happen in competitive Trek. I told Geoffery as much, and I think he thought I was kind of weird (which, let's face it, I am). Anyways, it was an honor to play him, and it again was a rush to win it in much the same fashion that I won my game against Tyler. Moreso, upon winning, I realized I'd gone from 1-2 to 5-3 with no timed results (essentially, a guaranteed day 2 result). I kind of wandered off in a daze.