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Lucas Thompson (edgeofhearing)
Tournament Report - 2E - Worlds Side Event
2014-08-16 - 06:00 PM
BajoranThese things happen to other people. They don't happen at all, in fact.
I was looking forward to a low-key tournament, one in which I could play a deck of my own design. Sure, I brought what I considered to be a more competetive deck (read: somebody else's) down with me from the hotel room, just in case some team that actually cared about winning needed a 3rd player. Fortunately, none did, and I was free to form Team Ratings Pinata with JD Ashley and John Paul Veasey. The requirement for membership in the team was the intention to play to have fun.

Round 1RomulanNon-AlignedJohn CorbettFW (+5)
This game was incredibly close. John was playing a creative Android deck, one that went for the two mission win through the Romulan bonus point engines. I recall holding him off for only an attempt or two at space, but I think he got destaffed somehow, and had to wait until he drew an android with staffing. I was making steady progress myself, and had my last mission buried when he was at his second mission with 4 under. He could solve with 5, but that left the second attempt without the ability to solve, so went all-in with a five man attempt. This is the point where a game against John is more than just a game of Trek, it is more of a dramatic enterprise. He asked for permission to be the one to flip the top card of my dilemma pile, and it was granted. There was a lot of build-up, and then the flip: it was Zero Hour. I solved for the win on my next turn.

Round 2KlingonRichard DeLashmitFW (+100)
I originally built this Bajoran deck to be good against Tragic, because getting personnel in my discard pile really helps me. I discovered though that the counter advantage wasn't quite enough against Tragic piles with strong deck support (like, say Slaby Romulans). Luckily, Richard's deck was primarily a Klingon solver paired with the Tragic pile, and the lack of TCS really hurt him. That, and my heavy testing against Klingon solvers in the lead-up to worlds proved valuable too. So, while I was sending him on Trips, I would be able to microteam my missions after getting just a few under on a previous attempt. I believe he did eventually solve IAP (though that seems to not be reflected in the recorded score), but that was it before the Bajorans wrapped it up by Transporting some Delegations.

Round 3BajoranWilliam HoskinFW (+40)
This was my opportunity to play against Will's version of the Bajoran Rocketship deck that he played in day 2. He was pretty effective at stalling me for a while on my attempts, but in the meantime he was taking a while to put together his castle. I played my Holding Cell as early as I could, hoping to get the interrupt wall up before he could get his prevention lined up, but it got Grav Trapped. He eventually went and solved his two space missions in the same turn (facing no dilemmas due to Vic, RATS, and Tampering), but had to stop there due to range limitations. As something of a hail-mary, I played Kira (Lela) and recovered my Cell, and attempted to play it again... and succeeded! That bought me the win, since he couldn't just Accession his way to victory at his last mission.

Closing Thoughts
It was nice to place first here (though Auwerd was also undefeated, but with some MWs), with my own deck, after losing in the second round of day two. Even better, both of my teammates in the tournament had a great time, and Team Ratings Pinata took FUNth place in the overall team standings.