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Joel Skon (RedAlucard)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day Two
2011-08-06 - 06:00 AM
VoyagerVoyager 2.3

Round 1KlingonDS9Mike HarringtonFL (0)View opponent's Report
Wow, what a set of games, I would say some of the best trek I have ever played. Mike is a great player, one of the best at the game obviously, even to get to play against him was an honor. The only thing that kept me in both games was my dilemma pile and all the events to help me get extra draws. I was able to kill people over and over again, however I could not solve a mission to save my life, much less win the game. At one point he set up the perfect space combo hitting me with the right set of dilemmas to stop all but two of my team of 14 people and ending with WNMGB sending my ship away. On the other hand a few turns later I stopped three with unfair comp, then killed Navaar and Gorkon with Dal'Rok, which was rather satisfying. It came down to the wire at the end of game two, but he knew exactly how to stop me with his three no win situations on the table. I may have lost both games, but they were both great games and I am glad to have had a chance to play Mike at a top level event, and I look forward to getting a chance to play him again.

Round 2Missed GameMG (0)

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