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Joel Skon (RedAlucard)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Side Event
2012-08-17 - 10:00 AM
RomulanAnd now for something completely different...
Romulans! Fun times. I love this deck.

Round 1FerengiBen HospFW (+100)
He had trouble getting set up and my deck worked perfectly, I was out attempting super fast and got two turns of 14 counters thanks to GUYS/SAS/AWC. And was able to powershift though dilemmas and solve AC with four and my space mission with 3. I believe if he had the chance to take another turn or two he would have been able to steam roll me.

Round 2TNGJohn CorbettFW (+100)
Playing VS Donatra/AC/powershift is really tough. When you add the stooges in and Karina it makes it that much harder. This game went about the same and I was able to solve with few people after forcing my way though dilemmas by discarding events.

Round 3KlingonNicholas YankovecFL (-35)
UGH! Kligons! My dilemma pile was the worst match up ever for the standard Kligon Riker Worf prevent stop maddness. We both were out fast but my dilemma pile failed me and I was outspeeded.

Round 4KlingonUnjustly BannedFL (-25)View opponent's Report
The same thing happened I lost by 1 turn.