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Greg Hodgin (tomalak)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day Two
2019-06-22 - 07:00 PM
Romulan2019 Continentals Deck
Day 1 ended, we got a 45 minute break, and it was off to the races again. I swapped decks from my Day 1 2-mission TNG solver deck to a monstrosity of a Romulan deck I've been working on for years with maximum cheesiness.

Round 1RomulanEric RobinettFW (+65)
Romulans vs. Romulans! He was playing a Q-themed deck with the 40 card deck limit. That was... a problem. There was very little kill prevention in his deck, and that spelled doom for him. My deck managed to kick off correctly, and although I believe he got a mission on me, I managed to destaff a Bird of Prey (I know, right?!?), leaving him stranded for a few turns. Nice guy, hadn't played 2E in almost a year, and although he was rusty, he still played an excellent game. Would play again. 5 stars.

Round 2TNGJohn CorbettFW (+40)
This was a rematch for myself and Mr. Corbett. Nothing but the highest of civility reigned at the table as I dismantled the boy's deck and crushed his soul. As discussed in Day 1, I destaffed his Ent-D at a planet mission, forcing him to find a Guinan to get points to download the Pasteur. I finished my first mission, used Toreth, and trashed the Guinan in his hand (which he had just downloaded). My dark, rich laugh echoed off the walls of the conference room as I chunked the El-Aurian into his discard pile and asked, "Who's playing a ship for full cost now, sirrah?" (DISCLAIMER: not exact words). The look on my opponent's face warmed my cold soul. He managed to slowly but surely catch back up but Aldea took care of that attempt to regain tempo and he fell behind again. Would crush again. 3 stars.

Round 3CardassianMichael Van BreemenFL (-40)
MVB played the same deck he played in Day 1 except for a few dilemmas added or something like that. I managed to yank his Enemy of my Enemys out by turn 5 or so (all of them: Clear Ultimatum + Deep Hatred), and I managed to kill lots of people, but it wasn't enough. He managed to slow me down enough to get the job done but he was tired: he made one mistake near the end that I was nearly able to capitalize on but unfortunately fell short. Would lose to again. 5 stars.

Closing Thoughts
My deck's a bit too big: I wasn't able to get a ship out in Round 3 when I really needed it, and that needs to be rectified. Probably need to add a Cretak as well. I'll be retooling this one: I've been working on it for years and it needs to be updated.