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Matt Kirk (CaptMDKirk)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day Two
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
RomulanNo Blades, No Bows
I had chosen my Day 2 deck before I flew into Indianapolis. I knew that modified wins would be sufficient to advance, so I went with the old warhorse that Justin Beal became famous for: Far-Seeing Eyes lockout. Remove your opponent's Exobiology (and Telepathy) and play Telepathic Deception for the lockout. There were a few hitches in the plan…

Round 1FerengiRichard NewTT (0)View opponent's Report
Richard was playing the typical Ferengi deck with Reyga and Mirror Rom. I stripped out his Exo fairly early, but Richard dodged a Telepathic and a Dignitaries with Rule #33 to switch to 3 Acquisition. I came back with two missions, and going into the last turn, he was ahead 60-55. I had destaffed his Kurdon at his third planet mission, and he couldn't draw into enough reinforcements. I dropped Tebok with his upgrade to rig the top of Richard's deck for my Prejudice & Politics, and tied it up. He stopped me at my last mission and I advanced due to being the higher seed. Richard was a great competitor and good sport.

Round 2StarfleetAaron WeilMW (+20)
I'd seen Aaron lately during Regional season in SoCal, as he is just up the coast from me in the Los Angeles area and often attends the Santa Barbara events. He had gotten a taste of this deck when I visited for their Regional in June, and I had a pretty decent idea of what targets to focus on in disabling his fast and capable Starfleet build. I had my best opening hand of the day, while Aaron got stuck without Nathan Samuels, the centerpiece for his deck. I got Far-Seeing Eyes rolling early, removing both copies of Phlox and weeding out other potential threats. I locked him out and picked up the win after time was called. Aaron was gracious in defeat.

Round 3TNGJames BookerMW (+1)View opponent's Report
I had handled Booker's Cadets fairly easily in our Day 1 match, and I was a little surprised to see it again on Day 2 - it didn't strike me as a particularly great choice for the Day 2 meta, but he was going for straight speed, hoping to outrace any police decks. He very nearly did against me, and it was only because I used Power Shift to boost my Romulans past Assess Contamination's requirements and commanded completed planet and space mission, while Booker was ahead on points but only had completed his one mission. We chatted for a bit afterward and I advanced to the semis along with fellow Risan Chris Donati - we could only meet in the final if I could pull off a major upset in my next game.

Round 4RomulanNeil TimmonsFL (-100)View opponent's Report
Neil had been in my head on Day 1, playing aggro Klingons just as I did. He was again thinking alike in his choice of Romulans for Day 2. He, however, had taken the old Gal Gath'thong deck and brought it to a true Tier 1 level, whereas I had simply updated Beal's old FSE deck. He emptied my hand relatively quickly, and made sure I could draw more by dropping At An Impasse, then followed it up by playing Sent Back to further drain me down. A couple turns later, I had lost all my ships and retrieval, and Neil finished his first mission, at which point I conceded. A brilliant deck design played to its full potential by a champ.

Round 5Missed GameMG (0)
I will just say the game between Neil and Donati was one for the ages, and very entertaining to watch two great players with evenly matched decks go to the limit. Video next year for Worlds!

Closing Thoughts
I had a fantastic time in Day 2 with several close misses and plenty of dramatic upsets. Congrats to Chris on his spectacular win and bringing the gold home to Risa!