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J (The Mad Vulcan)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
2011-09-06 - 01:00 PM
RomulanTalos IV is for Romulans
I was attempting to do something rather interesting with this deck. I definitely wanted to run Romulan (and almost pure Romulan) as that was my affiliation of choice back in the Premiere days. Originally, I built a tight little 40 card speed solver using both planet and space missions before Adam reminded me that I had imposed a 60 card total deck maximum. Then I shifted to a Borg Ship destroyer that ran 4 planets to make getting a Kurlan Naiskos easier. The other reason for running all planet (or all space) was that I couldn't get the necessary skills for both dilemma types on so few Romulans. The deck that I ended up with is my Borg destroyer minus the Borg Ship Dilemmas, as they are banned (though Red Alert is not) because by that time I was out of time. I feel that it is a strong deck though poorly played and perhaps not as strong as others in this tournament (luckily I didn't face many of those.) It runs under a simple principle. 5X Kivas Fajo in a 30 card deck means that I start out with 1 or 2 of those in the opening hand. I then continue to toss Kivas' until my hand is enormous, drop a Red Alert and (on the following turn) dump everything. I had assumed that Romulan would be the least played affiliation, so saw Kurlan Naiskos as a solid way to blow up an opponent's ship (or opponent's outpost) and make good time traversing the spaceline in order to clear missions.

Round 1KlingonMarkFL (0)View opponent's Report
This game went well for me, and I technically won it. but we'll get to that later, except that I am an asshole and don't know how to play my own decks. It started out solid, with me drawing into Kivas' and drawing for the first 3-4 turns straight. On the 5th turn or so, I dumped and started clearing missions. By that time I had all the classifications that I needed for Kurlan (except Medical) and all of the skills needed for missions. I cleared the first mission (where my outpost was) and the second (next door) but hesitated to move on because I wanted the Medical Class personnel. It was only after the game that Mark was kind enough to point out to me that Kurlan Naiskos does not require every Classification as a Classification, so my multiple Vekor's already qualified as the Medical. As such, the correct thing to do would have been to drop the Kurlan the next turn and walk through the rest of the missions. Instead, Mark and I ticked away missions, and I gave up on drawing that Medical as I moved farther and farther from my Outpost. I was at 100 points but as I was going all planet needed at least one more mission to win and I drew the last card in my deck. Mark had ticked off two planet missions in the course of the game, and on his second to the last turn he had attempted space only to be hit with a Cytherians. With no range left he was in a bad way and on the very farthest end of the spaceline (note: he had two space missions total and the other was near my outpost, so he was attempting the only space mission safe from my armada. This put him in a bad way, however he made a great move by playing a Where No One Has Gone Before and flying off the wrong end of the spaceline to get his 15 Cytherians points. Then he flew back over the gap to solve the mission. needless to say, i was quite impressed with this as I thought he was dead to rights. however, while we were discussing the game I happened to ask how close to being decked out he was, and he admitted to having been decked out for many turns already (as Mark ran both Kivas and The Traveler). What this means is that by technicality, the game ended when I drew the last card in my deck at the end of my last turn 100-80 or so with only planets solved on both sides. This negates Mark's particularly awesome final turn, which sucks. So we appealed to Nava and he ruled (rightly IMO) that we could not reverse the end of the game and that Mark's win would stay a win. My only counter argument would be that, if we were in a live game, it would be nearly impossible to not notice that both players had decked out. But Mark deserved a win due to great play and to be honest, my deck was in no danger of winning this tournament (though I wasn't to know of that yet.)

Round 2Meinhard S. RohrFL (0)
I was able to go first against Mogh, and I had a couple Kivas in hand. So I began by tossing Kivas after Kivas until about the 5th turn when I had a massive hand. Then I played a Red Alert, which Mogh Kevined. The next turn, I played a Red Alert, which Mogh Kevined. Then I played a Red Alert (my final one), which Mogh had no Kevin for. So he played a Res-Q to pull a Kevin and Kevined my Red Alert. Now it is turn 7 or 8 and I have all of nothing in play. But rather than resign, I started playing individual people until I had a crew for clearing Relief Mission. Mogh had placed all of his best Space dilemmas there, so it was an easy solve for the acquired Kurlan Naiskos. Meanwhile, Mogh was taking his mission completing carefully. He cleared a planet mission except for the Matriarchal Society and then had to collect up a pair of females over the next couple of turns to clear that doing nothing else). He next cleared another planet mission leaving him with just a need for space. I ended up clearing my second planet mission for a solve and then the third, though with that one I was short a Computer Skill to solve. I tried to play the Kurlan for the needed range but Mogh tossed a 3rd copy of Kevin Uxbridge (wow) to stop that nonsense. I then flew out to my fourth planet and solved leaving me with enough points to win if I could just pick up the mission which was cleared but required Computer Skill (thanks to bonus point giving dilemmas). I decided to return home get the necessary skills, but that would require some range, and without a Red Alert I was in no danger of dropping enough people to fly another ship. I played my Palteth (with his computer skill) and started to return home, but Mogh destroyed my ship leaving all my people stranded on the planet that wasn't solved. But I never got Palteth out to them before Mogh completed his final mission. This game was the least close of all that I played. I got spanked.

Round 3Diane HainML (-70)
In this game I drew very poorly. The opening hand had no Kivas Fajos at all, and I didn't end up seeing any until half way through my deck, at which point they were all but worthless. So it was a slow start. Diane Kevined my first Red Alert, but the second one hung out for a while. I hung out at the outpost and dropped personnel as I drew them and eventually went after the mission there to acquire the Kurlan Naiskos. In that attempt, my only Security personnel died to an Armus. This left me playing slowly with no Security to help clear missions. I had a difficult choice; hang out until I found a Security personnel or Kivas (drawing one card per turn) or try my luck at Red Shirting missions. My main concerns were Q, which stops my Romulans every time regardless (all of the Integrity in my deck could not bust that dilemma), Shaka (as I never Red Shirt my only two Diplomats), and Firestorm. I tried to rack my brain for what dilemmas required Security at a Planet mission but only came up with Archer and Anaphasic Organism. So, I decided to go Q hunting. At the mission I chose to scout, I encountered a Barclays. Having a good number of people in the away attempt which were all killed, this poor decision basically cost me the game. And that isn't to say that Diane's deck wasn't good. I just tend to see things from a perspective where I am the protagonist and as such have a greater effect on the outcome of the game. With so many people dead, I couldn't expect to solve 4-5 missions for a full win. Instead, I would have to pull ahead and get a MW off Double Deck Out. I attempted to battle Diane in order to slow here down (hide at Outpost) or eliminate key personnel. But this did not work well. He highly skilled Feds walked through 2 planet mission and even completed a space by using 3 different ships (and losing 2 to me.) That put her on 95 points. Meanwhile, I had cleared 3 more missions but could only solve one of those. One I could not solve as it wanted 2X Computer Skill and 2 out of the 3 such personnel in my deck were dead. The other because the final dilemma was Matriarchal Society and I had lost Ishara Yar in a ship battle vs. the Enterprise-D and all but one Vekor to Barclays. So the game came down to me not being able to get anywhere near winning, but Diane not being able to get a FW because I had killed too many of her people to solve another mission. She instead scouted for point scoring dilemmas until her deck ran out.

Round 4ToskFW (+50)
The game vs. Tosk is the one that went as expected. I had expected most people to play a deck like Tosk's and as such had built a deck that I thought could beat that. Though it seems that people such as Mogh thought that decks like mine would be played to beat Tosk and as such built decks that could beat me (smart.) Tosk let me keep my Red Alert and then used it himself with Spacedoor. This was to my benefit, however, as I had the drawing advantage. I played Kivas's for 3-4 turns and drew up a huge hand. Dropped my Red Alert and went to town. The first mission that I attempted took a while to clear, as it had a Shaka under it and Tosk wisely played an Atmospheric ionization on top. I was able to beam down my diplomat to clear the Shaka but would need a few turns to beam everyone back up (3 each turn.) This mission completion was successful in netting me th Kurlan, so I tried to play rather encumbered by the Ionization such as to lull the Tosk into a false sense of security. Which likely worked too well, as Tosk ran through the space mission at his Outpost, blowing through my dilemmas with ease only to slam into a Cytherians. This surprised the shit out of me as I was almost certain that I had seeded my Cytherians at the farthest space mission (which would force the farthest flight plan) before realizing that this was a self seeded Cytherians! It would seem that the Tosk gameplan was to score Cytherian Bonus points (and maybe a Barlay's Bonus points) for a two mission win. He then proceeded to fly his ship for the full range to the planet with my outpost and two ships hanging out in orbit. Now this seems like a downright poor plan to me. I had 4 people not on the planet, so would only need to beam up two to staff my ships and light him up. But I checked the range needed to get to either end of the spaceline and concluded that he had chosen the wrong flight plan. Now, perhaps I need to get this confirmed (I did check the dilemma resolution guide mid-game with no luck) but concluded that Cytherian's 'farthest end' referred to the longest range to accomplish. While Tosk felt that it meant the most missions. I made him go the other way such that he wasn't just a duck in a barrel. I spent the next 2 turns getting my people off the planet and playing the Kurlan Naiskos. Then I flew out to the planet mission adjacent to the space mission which he had cleared to wait for a solid opportunity. Tosk had been returning home after scoring the Cytherians points and had wisely cloaked (as Kurlan could have gotten me to him.) I also at this point considered destroying his outpost. But he had played a Q-Net on the spaceline. Since I only have 3X diplomacy in the whole deck, I could only bring one ship across that line. I thought I'd try a lure by leaving the exact amount of people needed for the Kurlan (6) on the ship and scouting the mission with everyone else. The away team found the 2nd Shaka and were stopped. Tosk used this opportunity to fly to his space mission and complete it. but then he did something shocking; he asked me how many people were on my ship. Then flew his ship to the mission where it was at. I suspected that he might be taking a big gamble and deciding to see if I had indeed left all 7 classifications on the ship. But instead of shooting at me, he beamed down to my Away Team and started a brawl. His Klingons certainly trumped my Romulans, but none were killed outright (stunned instead). He then one the battle and was able to kill one of my participants. Finally, he ended his turn by cloaking (having left staffing on the ship), but I pointed out to him that a ship can only be cloaked or decloaked once per turn. This was a shock to poor Tosk. So I decided to take the bait and shoot his ship. He pulled it with Space-time Portal before I could and that left me with nothing to do but solve missions. In retrospect, i probably shouldn't have messed with him at all as you shall see. I sent my Diplomats down to the planet and cleared it for the solve. With both Shakas out of the way, I only had to worry about Firestorm and Q. So I went to the next mission (my 3rd), cleared and solved it. Then I went to the 4th, were there was a Firestorm. Tosk was pretty pleased with everyone dying. So I tossed my Emergency Transporter Armbands. To my surprise, this didn't affect Tosk's mood and he countered with an Amanda. Only to have me throw my other ETA. Luckily for me, he wasn't packing a 2nd Amanda or this game might have had a very different result. I completed the mission (4th) to put me at 130. Then I used the range on my ship to skip back to my outpost, swapped ships and flew out to my 5th mission. At this point, I was wondering what I would find under the fifth, but suspected that it would be a 2nd Firestorm, or Q, or Matriarchal Society. So I sent a modest team with the skills for the mission while leaving a better team onboard the ship also with skills for the mission. The first team had one Female (Vekor) while the second had another Vekor and Ishara Yar. This mission did have the Matriarchal combo. Vekor took a trip to the farthest planet after falling in love, but no females remained for the Anaphasic Organism. This left the second away team to clear out the Matriarchal Society and solve. Luckily, there is no In the Zone in this format.